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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Please Comment

one of our leaders while visiting the flood and heavy rain affected areas in Andhra..
i donno what to say abt this, can somebody comment on this pls??..

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

MF Hussain Campaign

If you feel what he has done is totally ridiculous, cast your vote against his paintings at http://www.mfhussain.com/ .. before doing that just see the pictures and comparisions at the following link..

MF Hussain Campaign#note

we don't need to kill cartoonists or put one million dollars on their head to kill them.. :)
but may be we can make him to walk naked on mumbai roads to understand what nudity really means and specially when you try to hurt the nation's religious harmony..
When you see the pictures in the above link, you feel whether this fellow is really eligible for Raja Ravi Varma's award or not.. i suggest take back all the awards that are announced and given to this fellow by any organisations or governments and send him to jail to sit n paint "seven Bars".. He should know about india at the age of 80, he is not a 8 years boy.. so don't temme he is unaware of the consequences or he is unaware of what he is doing.. it looks totally intentional and may be he wants to be in lime light.. like he did few years ago talking and taking movies with Maduri Dixit like a mad dog with uncontrollable sexual desire at the age of 80..

"TV Host: What it is particularly that about artist in Hussain, that gets you angry. Fact that he is Muslim, is that where the problem steps? If anyone else has done these paintings would you have shown the same objection?

Dr. Durgesh Samant: Yes! Yes! It is not because he is a Muslim. If he is a Muslim and he has drawn Goddess & Bharatmata fully clothed we would have appreciate in much better way. But ha !' he has not done so. If anybody else irrespective to any religion had drawn a naked Bharatmata, we would have objected it."

read the full debate.. its not against a religion its against an individual's stupidity called hussain's painting on bharatmaata..
Debate on Nude Bharatmata Painting:

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

worship ??

happy vinayaka chavithi@ganesh chaturthi..
we respect national flag, n we don't throw it, make it dirt, let it fall on the floor.. Ohhh!!! many rules.. n we all follow it.. why?? due to the respect? or due to the enforcement of rules? if it is due to respect, then how about this following?? national flag we created.. but the following is the one who created us.. but we can dump him like this.. to where the respect went? :) may be because even though we do it, we won't be dragged into the courts for the violation of rules like we will be in the case of 'National Flag'.. can somebody propose to add a new rule saying that those who do like this to the gods will be punished in the present life with the help of some law.. :)

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bihar Proved it Again - III

foto courtesy: eenadu

villagers in vaishali district of Bihar beaten 10people to death.. they accused this 10people for a theft and killed them..
donno what to say.. third incident in d past few days..

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Status of religious freedom in India - II

courtesy: wikipedia
India is one of the most diverse nations. Even though Hindus form close to 82 percent of the population, the Indian Muslims form the second (or third) largest Muslim population in the world. It is home to the holiest shrines of four world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It is said to be the only country where Zoroastrianism can be practiced freely with no hindrance, even including Dakhma-nashini [1].
Modern India came into existence in 1947 as a secular nation, two of the large sections of India, were partitioned into a new Islamic nation, Pakistan (East Pakstan later became Bangladesh). In Pakistan, the Hindu population declined from 24% to about 1.5%, in Bangladesh the Hindus declined from 39% to 10%. The Muslims in India have increased from 10.3% to 13.4% .. follow the link..
Status of religious freedom in India

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Status of religious freedom in India - I (continuation of "Freedom")

"Hinduism is more a way of life than a method of worship.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you"

when we read the sentences like this, we feel proud to be a Hindu..
same goes to a muslim or christian..every religion have great sayings like the above and every individual feels proud about their own religion..

those who are not satisfied with their religion, or those who are in a need to change due to the inevitable circumstances will(or)can change their religion from hindu to muslim, etc., etc.,

what my concern here is..

why a religion needs publicity or promotion??
why a religion need to offer benifits to the people for conversion of the religion instead of the conversion on individual's wish??
why a religion can or can not have harmony with other religions??

the sentences that i mentioned in the begining of this article applies to all religions, its a way of living than a method of worship.. nothing else..
including hindus, here i would like to say few words..

** never give publicity**
its a bare truth that everybody has to accept that "hindu societies" always patient(tolerant) to the other religions and always had the harmony with the other religions.. you can read the facts in the coming lines..

just to simplify and make it clear to everyone, let me take few live examples..

sachin tendulkar (or) Mohd.Azharuddin (or) Sunil Gavaskar (or) KapilDev (or) Sir Don Bradmon doesn't need publicity, cause they are the legends in their area
Titanic doesn't need publicity
Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Google, Yahoo Don't need publicity
Nokia, samsung, Sony don't need publicity
Ferrari, Merc don't need publicity
Myke Tyson don't need publicity
Mahatma gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Carl Marx, Saddam Hussain don't need publicity
charlee chaplin don't need publicity
McDonalds, KFC don't need publicity
watican city, Mecca don't need publicity

by this time you might have understood what i am trying to say..
if the idealogy of our religion is broader and our religion is remarkable in its preachings,
we don't need to give publicity, people they themselves would love to learn about it..
all the above said people and places don't need publicity we all love to learn about them..

now i expect wise answers from some stupid and rich organisations dumping their money into India and other growing countries to convert people into their religion..
now i expect answers from OSAMA for his recent video stating all americans to join Islam..
now i expect answers from some hindu extremist organizations who have a feeling of hatred about other religions..

the more they come and ask other religions to convert, the more they are loosing their ground..
the more they try to promote their religion, they are telling the world how small they are..

no religion taught to "HATE"..
no religion taught to "KILL"..
no religion taught to "CONVERT"..

what we are seeing today is the result of the acts of some oppurtunists.. don't buy their stories..

be what you are..
change your religion if you want to or if you need to..
don't change because of some benefits offering by the organizations..

be proud if you change your religion for being a better human being who knows about two religions instead of one.. some people may talk about your conversion, but you can ask them what do they know about their current religion and what they have done so far for the current religion?? I bet, they cannot answer you.. :) because they have done nothing for their religion and they know nothing.. most of us only know how to close our eyes and wish for something during prayers time and with that we will be thinking that our feelings are deep for our religion..
as you know it is always easy to criticise than appreciate..

a religion which gives freedom of practising the religion is always better than a religion which will try to restrict you for your life time..
a religion can play an important role in a human being's life style and values but life is not just religion.. its just a part of life..

follow the principle "Live and Let the others Live"..
at the end everybody is a human being and one fine day everybody goes six feet under.. In the middle why do you need barriers like religion, race etc.,??

Love a person, Love a nation, Love nature, Love anything, But when it comes to religion, understand your religion but don't build a mad love about your religion.. i hope all the religion extremists will understand this..

and here i would like to add few more words for them who complain about religion extremists as well..
for every action there will be a reaction.. if you slap a small boy, be ready for the return slap in your life.. you may get it anytime..

those who talk about "SHIV SENA", those who talk about "GUJARAT GOVERNMENT's SIDING FOR HINDUS" etc., etc.,
the following lines will tell the facts about the incidents against HINDUS and their Temples.. [interesting, in malaysia they still have this temple issues.. don't think that you are in 21st century, not in malaysia.. visit www.othermalaysia.org.. you can find some valuable articles by Mr.Farish A Nor, a malaysian also.. :)]

you play with hindus feelings in Mumbai, shiv sena was born.. you made Bal thackrey a Great Leader.. now even hindus are saying he is an extremist, but who is the reason behind this?? you burn innocents in a running train in GHODRA, Gujarat consequences came and the next elections have shown the feelings of the country.. you break temples, you break statues of Lord Buddha,

Here one should understand this "YOU" refers to who.. i don't mind if every muslim put himself at this place.. but its not my fault, its all depends on your wisdom towards the truth and religion..

thara singh from rajasthan should be punished, but what made him to do that?? who asked 'YOU' to come to my country and convert my people..
what are the benefits that they have got in LIFE after conversion.. don't talk about materialistic benefits like few thousand rupees for conversion..

the only answer i can give is "LOOK AT YOUR BACK AND CORRECT YOURSELF, THEN TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE AND THEIR RELIGION" Hindus are not exceptional here.. i am talking whoever it is..

If i marry a muslim and she wants me to convert for her, i can and i would love do that..
If i marry a christian and she wants me to convert for her, i can and i would love do that..
and i only like to debate with the people who can do such.. (not only for ur wife, for any of ur personal reasons.. n from any religion to any religion..)
those who can not do, are still hanging to a tree of religion, they can hang there and enjoy..

India Never called tourists from the world saying "Truly Asia" or any other thing... People come on their own for its well known culture..
India never encouraged any single religion, it is open for all and all religions have equal rights.. (more for minorities)

If somebody want to comment on Hindusim,
let me answer as a HINDU,

"Hinduism" is like an ocean..

Its too deep to understand for a normal human being in his life time.. where is the oppurtunity to criticise it when don't even know the full meaning..
This ocean can take in how many other rivers also, and taking out few waters from this ocean can never make this ocean to dry..
This Ocean never asks the rivers and canals to come and join and it wont complain if its water is being removed and used in some other form..
Its existence is forever and one cannot change it..
The wealth of knowledge this ocean gives you depends on howmuch you can extract from it, there is no limit..
The more it has been evaporated by external factors, the more it will be filled in back with fresh waters without any effort..
Those leaving it thinking the waters are salty will sent back to the same for the same reason..

and i wish to hear every religion say proudly about their religion the same way as long as they have tolerance for other religions..
the day we don't have it.. howmuch we sing our religion song also, forever we will be there where we are..

And finally...

to the morons who are trying to bring communal riots in india.. (may be you are DAWOOD, may be you are OSAMA, may be you are MUSHAROFF, may be you are BUSH or may be you are any Hindu Extremist thinking that you are the only true hindu)

"Don't try to play with INDIA@HINDUSTHAN, our waters are more than enuf to sink you and your whole bloody rationalsim to the deepest.. I promise you, you will never return again"

Don't ever try to take the advantage of the Patience of India..
the day it opens its third eye, all you oppurtunists are no more..

"And i request all who condemn my usage of Hindusthan in the above lines to leave my country on the spot without any demands, because that is what India is from the day it got independence..those who can not accept it, please find USA, UK, Pakistan, bangladesh or some other country according to your convenience. Thank you for staying with us all this while, but it is always better to stay where you feel your home is instead of staying in the neighbour's house and thinking about home and singing your family song"

"as i said in earlier blog..
national anthem is for indians, not for muslims, hindus, christians, sikhs, parsis or for any single religion..

the idea of it is not to rub our ideas on others, but to bring in a feeling of a new religion called "INDIAN"..

"Hindusthan: is me dil bhee hai our dum bhee"

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"FREEDOM" is the undefined dictionary synonym for a human being's life in "INDIA"..
we love freedom and we are enjoying this more than any other country citizens..
what if this "FREEDOM" cross the limits??

for RELIGION, we have freedom
for faith, we have freedom
for marriage, for place of living, for supporting a political party, for conducting an agitation, to express support to any organisation, may be many are missing here due to my hurry in finishing this long pending topic, but on top of all, in india we have "FREEDOM OF SPEECH".. an young journalist can send a government to ashes if he can prove the scams of the government or if he can prove the government is totally inefficient in its administration.. that is the power of freedom we have where we can not find in many other countries..

but most of the recent issues need our concern.. specially the misuse of freedom or misuse of authority..

let me talk about the authority first.. come to my state, the first state of India that starts alphabetically, "ANDHRA PRADESH".. we would have been in the same position in terms of development also if the earlier government continued ruling the present tenure.. now what was happening exactly is people are scared to open and read the news paper early in the morning, cause it will screw up your mood totally, same thing goes in the night.. :) who want nightmares because of reading a news paper before going to sleep??

just look at the recent incidents followed one after one in the state:
*** politicians do land grabbing @ land mafia..
*** sons/daughters of prominent people misue their parents power (like the parent like the children.. why only these fellows can commit such kinda acts? cause their parents are in power.. 3 to 4 recent news in the paper will tell you who are they and what they did..)
*** collapsed fly-overs
*** bomb blasts in a mosque
*** serial bomb blasts in the city HYDERABAD
*** divide and rule nature of the politicians ( i need telangana, i need rayala seema, i need kosta... bloody hell, you all need your power.. have you ever think of what people need??.. we have some politicians who need seperate state, talk like an illeterate fellow and use his mouth to say any kinda words just to rage up the people's feelings)
*** you need education, we need business (private and corporate educational institutes sucking the blood and sweat of parents.. also mainly under the binami names but the actual investors will be some big shot politicians)
*** my adorable brothers from forest executing bomb blasts on the leaders who enforced strict rules against them during the ruling ( these brothers don't have any other better things to do a??)
*** gang rape on tribal ladies
*** demolition of ramoji film city
*** murders by factionists to eliminate the opposition from the root in their area.. (building strong basement for future elections?? :) )
*** Lease of mines and the continuos stories
*** ministers signing the documents without reading it.. (Can't they read?? or no time to read?? god only knows..)

there is no end to this list, by the time i am writing here, don't know with which new story the news paper printing sections are busy with.. all the above said are due to misusing the authority and power..

now lets talk about misusing the "FREEDOM"..

our country gave freedom to us to choose whatever religion or faith that we want to follow.. whomever we want to get marry with.. whatever political party we want to join etc., etc., until it become like "INDIA - FREEDOM EVERYWHERE"..

so some of the anti social elements taking advantage of the above said word with the help of above said people (who misuse the authority, we can add them also into this anti social groups) and trying to create disturbances in the harmony of our lives, trying to play with our peace, trying to play with our growth, in a word these B*****Ds are playing with our lives..

few reasons that i can see for the formation of these anti social elements especially from some religions are:
[not that we have no other reasons or religions involved.. everybody is involved here, but some i can see as a normal observer of the society.. the more reasons you find, pls send to me.. let us add here to voice out all kind of issues that are causing these troubles, NO? u want to take it negatively.. want to see my end for expressing my views.. "WELCOME" :)]

*** they have their own rules (don't know which gentleman set these rules, but in my opinion, there should not be any special rules for any body.. all indians are same.. enforce the same rule for all.. if my law says i can marry howmany i wish, what i'll do?? ofcourse i will marry four or five.. then what i'll do?? i'll produce six to seven children from each family(cause i don't believe in family planning), then what i'll do?? already produced around 24 new lives and my income can only can cater the needs of 3 or 4,.. now what to do?? leave them on their own.. what else i can do.. so now what they will do?? God Knows.. play n freak on the roads.. get in touch with few other fellows of same kind.. start street level anti social activities for few rupees.. slowly become higher level anti social elements (Promotion maaaaa.. u donno a??).. now i complain, my children become worst, they are not listening to me.. please scold me.. "bloodyfool, which son or daughter will listen to a parent who can do nothing for them??".. ya, i am sorry.. now only i realised.. i am useless, produced two cricket teams in my life time with my sexual ability but these teams will never play cricket for the country, they will play with balls called BOMBS and they will play this for the neighbouring countries.. Wah.. INDIA.. Wah.. what a freedom you have given me..


noone is special, our religion is one religion.. "INDIAN".. (don't say its not a religion, it can be..) from the day we got independence, we amended many rules and many definitions.. why can't we amend "DEMOCRACY" a bit to make the above law and why can't we amend "RELIGION" a bit to form the above "RELIGION"??

[[[otherwise people like OSAMA will be releasing few more videos asking people to convert their religions... :) OSAMA should remember that he can not be a great leader like "SADDAM HUSSAIN".. there will be always a difference between an elephant and a ### .. ### can never be the elephant.. same goes to OSAMA, he can never be a "SADDAM"..]]]


we know some religions imposing or trying to get people converted into their religions by offering benefits.. :)

btw.. one more recent news,
*** Painting nude pics of other religion GODS.. (all my admiration has gone.. this old fellow have nothing else to paint aa?)

other major reasons that we can see can cause the formation of these anti social elements are..

*** illiteracy
*** corruption
*** politics
*** poverty etc., etc.,

we also have leaders who send the files of terrorists for MERCY, which again leads to "FREEDOM".. :) Do they know the difference between a crime against an individual and a crime against the society or country?? If they know, they wont send the files for "MERCY".. who knows the leaders who are doing such, may come under the same category but with "White Collared Crimes" and always need the support from these anti social elements.. leaders or terrorists or heroes or heroines, country should teach us that there is no one special under the umbrella of LAW when it comes to the cost of the Country..

We Indians can live without any thing, but can not survive without "FREEDOM" :) so, rules should be made and enforced in such a way that one commits a crime against the country can never have one's freedom again in the lifetime.. Just do it and see, we definitely can see the drop of crimes against country.. (no more freedom for those: who are involved in fake currency, who are involved in drugs, who are involved in illegal ammunition, who are involved in forcing to do prostitution, who are involved in land mafia, who are invloved in low quality constructions, who are involved in extortion, who are involved in lending money for high interests, Mainly WHO ARE INVOLVED IN UNDER TABLE COLLECTIONS.. :) how many of the officers are really counting the bars now that we read about them for the last few years for having enormous wealth which they earned under tables??.. may be now they dont have job.. but they have money n "FREEDOM".. they might be preparing now for new crimes or to join politics.. :)

please read the next blog and find some of the good and bad things(ofcourse interesting) in "Status of religious freedom in India:"..

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Bihar proved it again - II

Happened again.. A better education leads to better civilization.. hope efforts will be made to bring up humanitarian values in this stone-aged state.. Sorry to say this, but that is what they are proving to the world again and again.. pls go through the following..

NDTV Correspondent
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 (Newada)A mob tortured and pierced the eyes of three teenagers who stole a motorcycle at gunpoint at a village in Nawada Monday evening.

The mob was waiting for the alleged thieves after their victim complained to the village elders.

The crowd dragged the three off the bike and beat them up before piercing their eyes with a sharp tool.

''I don't have any past police record. This is the first time I have stolen something. But in the past I have been jailed in another case,'' said Pinku.

''This man has a criminal record. He was involved in a car theft case. He is a wanted criminal. Even the other one has been to jail. All these are friends and were together when this happened,'' said Laxmikant, Sub-Inspector, Buniyadpur Thana.

Only days ago a man was brutalised by a crowd in Bhagalpur and dragged by a policeman riding a bike.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

True Love

The man had fought for the US in the War against IRAQ and after returning, he had got married with the girl he was in Love with… Real true Love indeed… Hats off… She is one of the greatest women in the world as far as I can see.

Donno for how many families dear butcher n his team gave this kinda future.. hope somebody will post d details of this great lady.. thx..

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we laugh shamelessly

Look at the expressions of Andhra Pradesh ministers in the all party peace meet on Hyderabad twin bomb blasts.. What do u feel like doing now?? copy this image and send to as many as possible or share this post to as many as possible.. hopefully people will answer with silence on the "Judgment Day"

Hmm.. we don't even bother where we went and what we are doing..

thanks to kishore n Big B for the contribution..

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Attack on Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy

nedurumalli janardhana reddy has been attacked by maoists this morning while he was on his way to tirupathi to attend a function where he supposed to get the doctorate..

according to sources, its a convoy of 20 cars (too big for this event) and he and his wife were in the third car, the blast killed 3people (2 party men and a driver) all are travelling in the 5th car..

i still wonder sometimes when i see the activities of maoists..
fighting for society while facing troubles and staying away from families??

if so, why not these brothers kill the accused of "Mosque Bomb Blasts" or the accused of recent serial blasts in hyderabad??
people like us who can't participate in direct violence and who care for a peaceful society will definitely appriciate, if the brothers do such kind of heroic deeds..

if they are heroes,
i urge them to succeed where the government failed,
i urge them to succeed where the police failed,
i urge them to succeed where the administration failed,
i urge them to succeed where the social values failed..

there are many places for them to clean up or improve..

and it is always better to target the root of the problems, target the societies which are causing these problems.. then people will respect them and love them as elder brothers/sisters.. that is what people are looking for.. we dont want them to come and kill individuals, if they can do something for the society, we expect them to eradicate the organisations involved in recent hyderabad bomb blasts, or we expect them to eradicate the outskirt robberies ..
there are many to add in the list.. why can't they see these problems??

carrying a gun and blasting people doesn't come under heroism, if so where is the difference between them and the recent bomb blast killers or any other anti social organisations??

"Hope they Do some heroic deeds if they still want to go ahead with that kinda life away from the society.. can't see these kinda things so often n feel what they r doing n why.."

hoping that atleast one BROTHER will read this and think the way public is thinking..
long live brothers..
people have some feelings for you, don't loose it..
why only we need to have a happy families and nice living??
why can't you have it??

Hmm... enuf i think, lets go and read all the nonsense that will be released to the press and public by our beloved government.. :)

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

“What is Reality?” by Roger Penrose

nice.. please read it if you have enuf patience..
“What is Reality?” by Roger Penrose
New Scientist magazine, Nov. 18-24, 2006

WHAT do we understand by "reality"? For those of us who consider ourselves hard-headed realists, there is a kind of common-sense answer: "Reality consists of those things - tables, chairs, trees, houses, planets, animals, people and so on - which are actual things made of matter." We might tend to include some more abstract-seeming notions such as space and time, and the totality of all such "real" things would be referred to as "the universe".

Some might well consider that this is not the whole of reality, however. In particular, there is the question of the reality of our minds. Should we not include a conscious experience as something real? And what about concepts, such as truth, virtue or beauty? Of course, some hard-headed people might adopt a doggedly materialist point of view and take mentality and all its attributes to be secondary to what is materially real. Our mental states, after all (so it would be argued), are simply emergent features of the construction and behaviour of our physical brains.

We behave in certain ways merely because our brains act according to physical laws - the same laws as those that are strictly obeyed by all other pieces of physical material. Conscious mental experience, accordingly, has no further reality than that of the material underlying its existence; though not yet properly understood, it is merely an "epiphenomenon", having no additional influence on the way that our bodies behave beyond what those physical laws demand.

Some philosophers might take an almost opposite view, arguing that it is conscious experience itself that is primary. From this perspective, the "external reality" that appears to constitute the ambient environment of this experience is to be understood as a secondary construct that is abstracted from conscious sense-data. Some might even feel driven to the view that one's own particular conscious experience is to be regarded as primary, and that the experiences of others are themselves merely things to be abstracted, ultimately, from one's own sense-data.
I have to confess to having considerable difficulty with such a picture of reality, which seems to me lopsided. At best, it would be difficult to convince anyone else of a theory of reality that depended upon such solipsism for its basis. Moreover, I find it extremely hard to see how the extraordinary precision that we seem to observe in the workings of the natural world should find its basis in the musings of any individual.

Even if such a solipsistic basis is not adopted, so that the totality of all conscious experience is to be taken as the primary reality, I still have great difficulty. This would seem to demand that "external reality" is merely something that emerges from some kind of majority-wins voting amongst the individual conscious experiences of all of us taken together. I cannot see that such an emergent picture could have anything like the robustness and precision that we seem to see outside ourselves, stretching away seemingly endlessly in all directions in space and in time, and inwards to minute levels that we do not directly perceive with our senses; all requiring many different kinds of precision instruments to explore the universe over a vast range of different scales.

True, there is a mystery about consciousness itself, and it is profoundly puzzling how it could come about from the seemingly purely calculational, unfeeling and utterly impersonal laws of physics that appear to govern the behaviour of all material things. Nevertheless, among the basic laws of physics that we know - and we do not yet know all of them - some are precise to an extraordinary degree, far beyond the precision of our direct sense experiences, or of the combined calculational powers of all conscious individuals within the ken of mankind.
One example of an over-reachingly deep and precise physical theory is Einstein's magnificent general theory of relativity, which improves even upon the already amazingly accurate Newtonian theory of gravity. In the behaviour of the solar system, Newton's theory is precise to something like one part in 107: Einstein's theory does much more, giving not only corrections to Newton's theory that become relevant when gravitational fields get large, but also predicting completely new effects, such as black holes, gravitational lensing and gravitational waves - the analogues, for gravitation, of the light waves of Maxwell's electromagnetic theory.
The agreement between theory and experiment here has been extraordinary. Astronomers have, for example, been monitoring the orbits of one double neutron star system - known as PSR 1913+16 - for around 40 years. The emission of Einstein's predicted gravitational waves from this system has been confirmed through a very gradual shortening of the stars' orbital period, and there has been an agreement between the signals received from space and the overall predictions of Einstein's theory to an astonishing 14 decimal places. At the other end of the size scale, there are multitudes of very precise observations that give innumerable confirmations of the accuracy of quantum theory and also of its generalisation to the quantum theory of relativistic fields, which gives us quantum electrodynamics. The magnetic moment of an electron, for example, has been precisely measured to some 11 decimal places, and the observed figures are matched precisely by the theoretical predictions of quantum electrodynamics.

An important point to be made about these physical theories is that they are not just enormously precise but depend upon mathematics of very considerable sophistication. It would be a mistake to think of the role of mathematics in basic physical theory as being simply organisational, where the entities that constitute the world just behave in one way or another, and our theories represent merely our attempts - sometimes very successful - to make some kind of sense of what is going on around us. In such a view there would be no particular mathematical order to the world; it would be we who, in a sense, impose this order by describing, in an elaborate mathematical scheme, those aspects of the world's behaviour that we can make sense of.

To me, such a description again falls far short of explaining the extraordinary precision in the agreement between the most remarkable of the physical theories that we have come across and the behaviour of our material universe at its most fundamental levels. Take, for another example, that most universal of physical influences, gravitation. It operates across the greatest reaches of space, but as early as the 17th century Newton had discovered that it was subject to a beautifully simple mathematical description. This was later found to remain accurate to a degree that is tens of thousands of times greater than the observational precision available to Newton. In the 20th century, Einstein gave us general relativity, providing insights at a yet deeper level.

This theory involved considerably more mathematical sophistication than Newton's: Newton had needed to introduce the procedures of calculus in order to formulate his gravitational theory, but Einstein added the sophistication of differential geometry - and increased the agreement between theory and observation by a factor of around 10 million. It should be made clear that, in each case, the increased accuracy was not the result of a new theory being introduced only to make sense of vast amounts of new data. The extra precision was seen only after each theory had been produced, revealing accord between physical behaviour at its deepest level and a beautiful, sophisticated mathematical scheme.

If, as this suggests, the mathematics is indeed there in the behaviour of physical things and not merely imposed by us, then we must ask again what substance does this "reality" that we see about us actually have? What, after all, is the real table that I am now sitting at actually composed of? It is made of wood, yes, but what is wood made of? Well, fibres that were once living cells. And these? Molecules that are composed of individual atoms. And the atoms? They have their nuclei, built from protons and neutrons and glued together by strong nuclear forces; these nuclei are orbited by electrons, held in by the considerably weaker electromagnetic forces.
Going deeper, protons and neutrons are to be thought of as composed of more elementary ingredients, quarks, held together by further entities called gluons. Just what are electrons, quarks and so on, though? The best we can do at this stage is simply to refer to the mathematical equations that they satisfy, which for electrons and quarks would be the Dirac equation. What distinguishes a quark from an electron would be their very different masses and the fact that quarks indulge in interactions - namely the "strong" interactions - that electrons are blind to. What, then, are gluons? They are "gauge" particles that mediate the strong force - which is again a notion that can only be understood in terms of the mathematics used to describe them.

Even if we accept that an electron, say, should be understood as being merely an entity that is the solution of some mathematical equation, how do we distinguish that electron from some other electron? Here a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics comes to our rescue. It asserts that all electrons are indistinguishable from one another: we cannot talk of this electron and that electron, but only of the system, which consists of a pair of electrons, say, or a triple or a quadruple, and so on. Something very similar applies to quarks or gluons or to any other specific kind of particle. Quantum reality is strange that way.

Indeed, quantum reality is strange in many ways. Individual quantum particles can, at one time, be in two different places - or three, or four, or spread out throughout some region, perhaps wiggling around like a wave. Indeed, the "reality" that quantum theory seems to be telling us to believe in is so far removed from what we are used to that many quantum theorists would tell us to abandon the very notion of reality when considering phenomena at the scale of particles, atoms or even molecules.

This seems rather hard to take, especially when we are also told that quantum behaviour rules all phenomena, and that even large-scale objects, being built from quantum ingredients, are themselves subject to the same quantum rules. Where does quantum non-reality leave off and the physical reality that we actually seem to experience begin to take over? Present-day quantum theory has no satisfactory answer to this question.

My own viewpoint concerning this - and there are many other viewpoints - is that present-day quantum theory is not quite right, and that as the objects under consideration get more massive then the principles of Einstein's general relativity begin to clash with those of quantum mechanics, and a notion of reality that is more in accordance with our experiences will begin to emerge. The reader should be warned, however: quantum mechanics as it stands has no accepted observational evidence against it, and all such modifications remain speculative. Moreover, even general relativity, involving as it does the idea of a curved space-time, itself diverges from the notions of reality we are used to.

Whether we look at the universe at the quantum scale or across the vast distances over which the effects of general relativity become clear, then, the common-sense reality of chairs, tables and other material things would seem to dissolve away, to be replaced by a deeper reality inhabiting the world of mathematics. Our mathematical models of physical reality are far from complete, but they provide us with schemes that model reality with great precision - a precision enormously exceeding that of any description that is free of mathematics.

There seems every reason to believe that these already remarkable schemes will be improved upon and that even more elegant and subtle pieces of mathematics will be found to mirror reality with even greater precision. Might mathematical entities inhabit their own world, the abstract Platonic world of mathematical forms? It is an idea that many mathematicians are comfortable with. In this scheme, the truths that mathematicians seek are, in a clear sense, already "there", and mathematical research can be compared with archaeology; the mathematicians' job is to seek out these truths as a task of discovery rather than one of invention. To a mathematical Platonist, it is not so absurd to seek an ultimate home for physical reality within Plato's world.

This is not acceptable to everyone. Many philosophers, and others, would argue that mathematics consists merely of idealised mental concepts, and, if the world of mathematics is to be regarded as arising ultimately from our minds, then we have reached a circularity: our minds arise from the functioning of our physical brains, and the very precise physical laws that underlie that functioning are grounded in the mathematics that requires our brains for its existence. My own position is to avoid this immediate paradox by allowing the Platonic mathematical world its own timeless and locationless existence, while allowing it to be accessible to us through mental activity. My viewpoint allows for three different kinds of reality: the physical, the mental and the Platonic-mathematical, with something (as yet) profoundly mysterious in the relations between the three.

We do not properly understand why it is that physical behaviour is mirrored so precisely within the Platonic world, nor do we have much understanding of how conscious mentality seems to arise when physical material, such as that found in wakeful healthy human brains, is organised in just the right way. Nor do we really understand how it is that consciousness, when directed towards the understanding of mathematical problems, is capable of divining mathematical truth. What does this tell us about the nature of physical reality? It tells us that we cannot properly address the question of that reality without understanding its connection with the other two realities: conscious mentality and the wonderful world of mathematics.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Bihar proved it Again..

a state without law, ministers without decency, police without hearts, people... u see this n tell me..
watch what they did to a petty thief who was trying to steal a gold chain..

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

General Strike: 9/11/07

Strike in USA? :) lets wait n see what will happen..

A general strike is proposed for the United States on September11, 2007, the sixth anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on New York City and Arlington, Virginia. The general strike movement has no clearly named leadership. It’s described as an Internet viral effort. Wikipedia defines viral efforts on the Internet as:

for details follow the link pls..

General Strike: 9/11/07

General Strike: 9/11/07

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Malaysia denies racism claim :)

Is it true that Indians and chinese are not interested in football these days?
If yes, what are the factors that made them to loose the interest ??
Time to open up the hearts and to be broad minded.. this is not something good for this country..

From correspondents in Singapore
August 02, 2007

MALAYSIA'S football federation has denied selecting its national team based on racial lines.

The country's Asian Cup squad, who was panned after its poor performances at last month's Asian Cup, was made up of 20 ethnic Malays and two Indians.

Malays make up around 60 per cent of the country's population but Chinese and Indians also form strong minorities.

Football Association of Malaysia deputy president, Redzuan Sheikh Ahmad, was quoted in the Today newspaper as saying: "Never once in the history of FAM have we tried to build a Malay-dominated team.

"And we have never based our selection of players on race or religion. It's just unfortunate that the Indians and Chinese are not interested in football these days."

The FAM is preparing to explain to the government why the national team performed so badly at the Asian Cup, where the co-host lost 5-1 to China, 5-0 to Uzbekistan and 2-0 to Iran in Group C.

In Singapore, ethnic Malays are the minority but make up more than 60 per cent of the national football squad.

Agence France-Presse

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In general, most Malays are lazy..most Chinese are greedy..most Indians cannot be trusted.

Racism in Malaysia: they are right in front of the door step of 50yrs of independence, but this is what they said about their fellow citizens.. :) interesting, a must read..

Punch Lines: In the survey..
Thirty four percent said they have never had a meal with people of other races.

The survey found that 42 percent do not consider themselves Malaysian first, 46 percent say ethnicity is important in voting, 55 percent blame politicians for racial problems and 70 percent would help their own ethnic group first.

According to the survey, 58 percent of Malays, 63 percent of Chinese and 43 percent of Indians polled agreed that "in general, most Malays are lazy."

Meanwhile, 71 percent of Malays, 60 percent of Chinese and 47 percent of Indians agree that "in general, most Chinese are greedy."

Sixty-four percent of Malays, 58 percent of Chinese and 20 percent of Indians agreed that "in general, most Indians cannot be trusted."

Full details:
Still rife in Malaysia.
First survey in 50 years makes dismal reading. Baradan Kuppusamy. Asia Times.
Mar 26, 2006

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia's first serious survey of race relations, in 50 years, shows that behind the façade of outward unity and peace, racism runs deep in this multi-ethnic 'melting pot'.

The telephone survey of about 1,200 Malaysians also found that the majority of the various races find comfort and security in their respective ethnicity and not in a common 'Malaysian' identity, as the travel and tourism brochures suggest.

"The findings are not at all surprising," said social scientist Chandra Muzaffar.

"This is partly because ethnic boundaries are real in our society and almost every sphere of public life is linked to ethnicity in one way or another."

The survey, by the independent Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research, also found that negative racial stereotyping was deeply entrenched.

For example, minority Chinese and Indians see the majority Malays, who make up 60 percent of the population of 25 million people, as lazy.

Chinese and Indians, who began migrating here in the early 19th century, make up 26 percent and 8.0 percent of the population, respectively.

It found that more than half the population does not trust each other. For a nation that claims to be a 'melting pot', only eleven percent of the respondents said they had eaten often with friends from other races in the past three months.

Thirty four percent said they have never had a meal with people of other races.

The survey found that 42 percent do not consider themselves Malaysian first, 46 percent say ethnicity is important in voting, 55 percent blame politicians for racial problems and 70 percent would help their own ethnic group first.

According to the survey, 58 percent of Malays, 63 percent of Chinese and 43 percent of Indians polled agreed that "in general, most Malays are lazy."

Meanwhile, 71 percent of Malays, 60 percent of Chinese and 47 percent of Indians agree that "in general, most Chinese are greedy."

Sixty-four percent of Malays, 58 percent of Chinese and 20 percent of Indians agreed that "in general, most Indians cannot be trusted."

The survey, commissioned by the semi-official New Straits Times newspaper and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, is the first honest look at Malaysian society and the findings have left Malaysians gasping in disbelief at how firmly racism and racial stereotyping has become entrenched and accepted as a way of life.

The Merdeka Centre said the survey "gives an honest picture of the country's situation and inter-racial perception" and warns that extremists can take advantage of inter-racial fears and suspicions in the absence of a meaningful interaction.

The ruling National Front government of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi works hard to portray the country as an example of multiculturalism where Muslims, Hindus and Christians live together in peace.

But experts have been voicing concern that, increasingly, the communities were drifting apart and polarization of the races and a lack of social unity were on the rise.

They squarely blame the politicians and the country's race-based politics for the sharp rise in racism. The shocking findings have also prompted civil society to demand a ban on all race- based political parties.

"Let us outlaw all Malaysian political parties that restricts membership on grounds of race, religion or sex," said lawyer politician A. Sivanesan who is senior leader in the opposition Democratic Action Party, one of the four registered multi-racial parties in the country.

"It should be written in the constitution that only multi-racial bodies be permitted."

Others say the few multi-racial political parties are weak and unable to grow because of the strong domination of race-based parties over the political system.

"Social problems affect all communities," Sivanesan said. "Poverty, drug and crime are not specific to any one race. All races face the blight."

"What the survey clearly shows is that the various races live peacefully but separately," Sivanesan told IPS.

"Half a century after independence we are further away from knowing each other than when we startedàseparate schools, separate friends, separate lives."

Curiously, the survey showed that many Malaysians had vague ideas, not only of each other's cultures and traditions but also of their own.

Hari Raya Puasa was wrongly perceived as the Malay New Year by 32 per cent of Malays, 84 per cent of Chinese and 45 per cent of Indians --when the festival actually marks the culmination of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting.

Similarly, the Chinese New Year was thought to be a religious festival by 57 percent of Malays, 53 percent of Indians and a whopping 62 percent of Chinese respondents.

Despite the lack of unity, the country has enjoyed long periods of peace except for one race riot in 1969.

And unlike in some neighbouring countries where uniformity is enforced, Malaysia's minorities are not restricted and are free to practice their own cultures and religions and enjoy a vernacular education.

But, the government officially practices a policy of positive discrimination that favours Malays over other races in many areas -- from employment, education, scholarships and business to cheaper housing and assisted savings.

Private companies must hand over 30 percent of equity to ethnic Malays and a portion of housing and commercial property must be sold to them

These measures, collectively called the New Economic Policy or NEP, were started in 1970 to reduce the yawning economic gap with the Chinese community, which dominates business in this country, as in most of South-east Asia.

Originally designed to last for 20 years it has continued without check, sparking envy and resentment between Malays and non-Malays.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who was sacked and jailed in 1998, has caused a stir by proposing to reform the political landscape which he says is straining national harmony.

"We need to appeal to the Malays, Chinese and the Indians and the rest that we need to go beyond race-based politics.

"If you continue to harp and support this racial equation, you will never be able to overcome racial divisions," he told supporters at a recent rally.

The government is aware of the deep divide and has taken measures to close the gap.

One experiment in racial integration is the 'Vision Schools' initiative where students share sports fields, assembly halls and canteens, but attend classes conducted in their own languages.

But the initiative is embroiled in controversy mainly because of the fear among Chinese and Indians that the vernacular education system would suffer and erode their identities.

A popular initiative, the national service programme, started in 2004, puts youths of all the races under a single roof.

Students are chosen at random and taken to camps for about three months in the hope that they will learn team work and absorb each other's culture.

But, the experts say racism is too deeply entrenched in official policies and the socio-political system for such 'half-hearted' measures to make impact.

"The survey's findings might be a bitter pill to swallow but it tells us who we really are behind the façade we show the world," said Sivanesan.
Asia Times

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American Soldiers - Suicides

American soldiers committed suicide last year at the highest rate in 26 years, and more than a quarter did so while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a military report.

Irony :: Good news for Al Qaeda, they can get suicide bombers in America very easily.. :( [we heard about suicide bombers all this while, but here soldiers are committing suicides.. Oh Great America !! What the hell that you are giving to your soldiers which makes them to think its better to die than to live?? Hope my dear Butcher will respond soon...]

full story - courtesy: The Independent.

Suicide rate in US Army at highest in 26 years

By Leonard Doyle in Washington
Published: 17 August 2007

American soldiers committed suicide last year at the highest rate in 26 years, and more than a quarter did so while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a military report.

The suicides are occurring at a time when many soldiers are reporting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including repeated flashbacks of combat experiences and other severe reactions.

But, with President George Bush demanding results and insurgents striking with greater success, an overstretched US Army has been extending the combat tours of soldiers in Iraq. It is also sending units back into action on a far more regular basis than was the case in the past.

The report found that there were 99 confirmed suicides among active-duty soldiers during 2006, up from 88 the previous year and the highest since 102 suicides in 1991.

The suicides included 28 soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. About twice as many women serving in the wars committed suicide as those not sent to war, the report said.

The Army said "occupational/operational issues" as well as failed relationships, and legal and financial issues had led to the suicides. Not surprisingly, it did not speculate about the falling morale of US combat troops in the face of ongoing military failure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Pentagon said there was "limited evidence" that repeated deployments were putting more of its soldiers at risk from suicide. Stretched thinly by nearly six years of fighting two wars, the Pentagon has extended normal tours of duty this year to 15 months from 12 and has sent some troops back to the wars several times.

The Army recorded 17.3 suicides per 100,000 soldiers in 2006, including two deaths still pending confirmation, up from 12.8 suicides per 100,000 soldiers the year before.

Last year, 30 of the 99 confirmed suicides occurred in war zones and, so far this year, 44 soldiers have committed suicide, including 17 in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

The number of suicides in 2006 marked the highest level since 1991, the time of the Gulf War, when the Army recorded 102 soldier suicides.

More than 1.5 million US troops have taken part in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. And the Army, the largest branch of the American military, frequently complains of being overstretched by multiple and extended deployments for its combat troops.

The suicide figures follow a string of studies showing an increase in mental-health problems among soldiers and other American troops. According to those studies, including an assessment by the Pentagon, the military has not provided adequate mental-health resources to its service members.

About 35 per cent of soldiers are seeking some kind of mental-health treatment a year after returning home and the Army routinely sends medical teams to the battlefront in Iraq to survey troops, their morale and related issues.

The Army, which has been heavily criticised for the poor facilities it provides returning soldiers, says it has revised training programs and bolstered suicide prevention. It has added some 25 per cent more psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals to its staff. It is also trying to teach all soldiers how to recognise mental-health problems in themselves and their comrades - and encourage them to seek help.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tryst with Destiny

Happy Independence Day (swatantra Diwas).. Long Live India.. Mera Bhaarat Mahaan..

Dear Indians, happy to share this day with you all..
few special words from the first indian Prime Minister's first speech as a Prime Minister of Independent India..
i bet most of us never read it so far..

"Tryst with Destiny"

Punch Lines:

“ At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance..... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again. ”

Full Speech:

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.

At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength. We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

Freedom and power bring responsibility. The responsibility rests upon this Assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India. Before the birth of freedom we have endured all the pains of labour and our hearts are heavy with the memory of this sorrow. Some of those pains continue even now. Nevertheless, the past is over and it is the future that beckons to us now.

That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we may fulfil the pledges we have so often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity. The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but as long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.

And so we have to labour and to work, and work hard, to give reality to our dreams. Those dreams are for India, but they are also for the world, for all the nations and peoples are too closely knit together today for any one of them to imagine that it can live apart Peace has been said to be indivisible; so is freedom, so is prosperity now, and so also is disaster in this One World that can no longer be split into isolated fragments.

To the people of India, whose representatives we are, we make an appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill-will or blaming others.
We have to build the noble mansion of free India where all her children may dwell. The appointed day has come-the day appointed by destiny-and India stands forth again, after long slumber and struggle, awake, vital, free and independent. The past clings on to us still in some measure and we have to do much before we redeem the pledges we have so often taken. Yet the turning-point is past, and history begins anew for us, the history which we shall live and act and others will write about.
It is a fateful moment for us in India, for all Asia and for the world. A new star rises, the star of freedom in the East, a new hope comes into being, a vision long cherished materializes. May the star never set and that hope never be betrayed! We rejoice in that freedom, even though clouds surround us, and many of our people are sorrowstricken and difficult problems encompass us. But freedom brings responsibilities and burdens and we have to face them in the spirit of a free and disciplined people.

On this day our first thoughts go to the architect of this freedom, the Father of our Nation [Gandhi], who, embodying the old spirit of India, held aloft the torch of freedom and lighted up the darkness that surrounded us. We have often been unworthy followers of his and have strayed from his message, but not only we but succeeding generations will remember this message and bear the imprint in their hearts of this great son of India, magnificent in his faith and strength and courage and humility. We shall never allow that torch of freedom to be blown out, however high the wind or stormy the tempest.

Our next thoughts must be of the unknown volunteers and soldiers of freedom who, without praise or reward, have served India even unto death. We think also of our brothers and sisters who have been cut off from us by political boundaries and who unhappily cannot share at present in the freedom that has come. They are of us and will remain of us whatever may happen, and we shall be sharers in their good [or] ill fortune alike.

The future beckons to us. Whither do we go and what shall be our endeavour? To bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation, and to create social, economic and political institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every man and woman.

We have hard work ahead. There is no resting for any one of us till we redeem our pledge in full, till we make all the people of India what destiny intended them to be. We are citizens of a great country on the verge of bold advance, and we have to live up to that high standard. All of us, to whatever religion we may belong, are equally the children of India with equal rights, privileges and obligations. We cannot encourage communalism or narrow-mindedness, for no nation can be great whose people are narrow in thought or in action.

To the nations and peoples of the world we send greetings and pledge ourselves to cooperate with them in furthering peace, freedom and democracy. And to India, our much-loved motherland, the ancient, the eternal and the ever-new, we pay our reverent homage and we bind ourselves afresh to her service. Jai Hind.

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gossips: Do u?

u wud ve followed every step in the following on how to not to get involved in gossiping, but there is no guarantee that u wont be ended up in some.. how tight lipped u r, how reserved u r, ppl can find a way of making stories.. why do they do?
why only abt u? why not abt others?

* If they feel that this gossip may bring u closer to them where currently u r not
* If they want to be ur intimate, or soulmate or some other thing, which they tried to be but failed
* If they want to impress someone with these stories
* If they dont ve much to do n find u so vulnerable
* If they want to avoid u n they r sure that this gossip will make it true
* If u had a fight with them n unfortunately they have a big mouth
* If u r becoming strong in ur area n they r jealous abt u
* If u r close to somebody whom they dont like
* If u ve a loose tongue [dont u ve? forget it.. :)]
* If ur presence is a threat to their position or career growth
* If ur boss is appreciating u infront of everyone, but they didnt get it even though they r senior or into the same job scope
* If ur circle of friends is growing n theirs going down (ofcourse, big mouths will ve to shut one day)

can keep adding these points.. pls find wht else cud be the reason if u r effected by some, if not clear "why?" post ur question n situation as a reply to this..

unless u r going to be deeply effected by these gossips on ur family n personal life.. reply those morons with one simple answer.. "I dont Care" ?? , sounds nice but better not to.. answer with " ", :) got me?, Silence.. just keep quiet, wait until they dig their own hole.. cause the more they r succeding in their gossips, the faster ppl will come to know the true colors, let them succeed.. if possible, help them to succeed.. :)

Now lets go n ve a detailed look on this..
Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you.
A Spanish Proverb

Gossip can be found in just about every office. Some will say it’s just harmless fun but rarely is that the case. In fact, it’s a great way to destroy your own self confidence. Gossip is seductive though and it’s very easy to get caught up in it. But, have you ever thought about why you do it when you know you shouldn’t?

Here are the main reasons people gossip:
• It makes you feel more powerful or popular
• To attract attention and feel centre stage for a moment
• It makes you feel like you’re part of a group (bond with co-workers)
• To be seen as “in the know”
• Because you’re frustrated and just want to vent

In other words, we mostly gossip because we feel powerless and not in control of our current situation. Gossip is an attempt at gaining back that control. It’s also sometimes used as a way to boost your self confidence but it ends up doing the exact opposite. If you find that you do gossip, you need to take a look at what’s happening in your life. Do you feel like you’re powerless? What positive changes can you make? It’s important when you’re feeling out of control that you’re able to take action instead of only reacting to the events that occur in your life.

The other side of this is that if someone gossips to you, you need to ask, “why are they telling you this information?”. You’ll probably find that at least one of the above points will answer your question. This tells you a lot about the person who’s gossiping to you.

What Really Happens When You Gossip:

So, how destructive is gossip to you? Take a look at what happens when you gossip:
• You lose all credibility with your co-workers and people will no longer trust you. They’ll wonder what you’re saying about them to other people. They'll also feel if they tell you something in confidence, you may spread that information. Once you lose your integrity, it’s very hard to get it back.

• You may find that the person you gossiped to will go and tell the very person you talked about. Instant office conflict. Also, you’ll probably feel bad about saying those things in the first place. Or if you have gossiped in an email, other people could end up seeing that email (walk up behind the person when they’re reading it, it gets forwarded by mistake, etc.). Also, people tend to keep email forever so something you said 6 months ago may come back to haunt you.

• You’re going to worry about what others are saying about you. You end up making yourself paranoid when you probably don’t need to be.

• It creates conflict for no reason.

• It decreases the morale of your workplace which in turn will affect your own mind set.

• It cuts productivity; yours and others.

• You may end up wasting a lot of energy worrying about things that never happen (layoffs, change in staff positions).

• You get wrong information (could be very damaging depending on what you do with the information). Someone says “so and so said this about you.” It may not be true and now you have bad feelings about someone and a situation that may never have happened.

• It could affect your career prospects (if management knows that you gossip, they’re far more likely to pass you over for a promotion). Also, at some point in the future you may end up having to work for that person you gossiped about.

• Karma – remember the old saying, “what goes around, comes around”. When we spread rumours and gossip, it will end up coming back to hurt us.

• We usually end up creating a negative work environment and who needs that?

These are all things that end up damaging your self confidence.

Before You Gossip, Ask Yourself These Questions:

• Why are you doing it? (power play, to feel like you belong, to make yourself more popular)
If these are your reasons, then don’t do it. The wrong motives will lead you into trouble every time.
• Would you want other people to know that kind of information about you?
if you wouldn’t, then don’t say anything.

Usually it’s best to just “bite your tongue”. And the more often you resist the temptation of gossip, the easier it will get. Gossip is just not worth it.

How to Not Get Involved:

So, what do you do if you work in a gossip infested workplace? Here’s a couple of suggestions for the next time someone starts gossiping to you:

• Change the subject – try to have something else you can talk about. Make it a positive subject.

• Distraction techniques – "Hey, do you want to go get a coffee?” Get the person distracted on to something else.

• Don’t say anything – just let them finish and don’t say anything. They’ll quickly learn that you aren’t interested in gossiping.

• Tell the person – you can tell the person you’re not comfortable about talking about the particular subject. For example if someone is telling you about the latest rumour that your department is about to undergo staff cuts, you can say , “it’s a rumour. I don’t want to think about that until I know it’s true. I can handle whatever happens. It’s not worth worrying about things that may never happen.” Or if someone starts talking about someone else, you can say, “Let’s wait to discuss that until Joe can be here in person.”

Each time you avoid getting involved in gossip, the easier it will get. It’s the first couple of times that it will be a conscious effort to resist the temptation. It helps if you can remember the benefits you will gain by not slipping into this bad habit. You will find that your self confidence starts to improve greatly and people will have more respect for you. You’ll probably also find that you don’t waste anywhere near as much as time as you used to worrying about things that never come to pass. You’ll be able to focus on what’s important and what you want to accomplish in your life.

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.

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Stud - Sanjay Dutt

sent to jail for 6 yrs.. donno what the supreme court's verdict will b on his bail petition.. but bollywood will be missing a solid performer of his own style at dis age..

Actor Sanjay Dutt has begun his term in Pune’s Yerawada jail. That’s where Mahatma Gandhi also spent time during the freedom struggle and the Gandhi giri connection is for all to see.

If anything, life for Munna Bhai is going to be as simple as anything Gandhi ever advocated. Ashok Patil, deputy IG (Prisons), said that Sanjay is sharing the toilet and bathroom with other convicts. As far as the toilet’s cleanliness is concerned, Patil stated that there is no question of the toilets being dirty because the convicts take care of the hygiene aspect themselves.

Who all will be meeting Sanjay? Well, only those whose names have been given by Sanjay himself. As of now, the names are those of his sisters Priya and Namrata, their husbands Owen Roncon and Kumar Gaurav respectively, and friend Manyata.

Sanjay has been kept in a separate room because of security reasons, according to Patil, so that “other convicts do not harm him.” Will he be allowed home-cooked food? No, as of now. His meal timings, according to Patil, are morning tea at 6.30; breakfast at 8.30; lunch at 11.30 and dinner at 5 in the evening. The food is also cooked by the convicts themselves. He can be allowed home-cooked food, but only if the court grants him permission to do so.

Will he work inside the prison? Says Patil, “Although all convicts are expected to work, the authorities will take a call on this because of security reasons. He can play Munna Bhai and teach Gandhi giri to others in the jail. There is a library where he can read and also work. We are also organising entertainment programmes for inmates by Sanjay Dutt, which I am sure will be a big hit.”

courtesy: eenadu,times of india

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

pawan kalyan's jhonny (unseen video)

a good one, rare to get.. let me keep in my archives..

unseen video

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Incredible India

have 30mins of ur time? watch this.. India Incredible.. an attempt to cover about India in a short movie..
Incredible India

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Friday, August 3, 2007

I knew Saddam.

interesting facts continued:

YouTube - I knew Saddam- Part 2

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mother of 17 children : Michelle Duggar :)

:)believe it.. she gave birth to 17 children so far n still willing to go on..

follow this link 4 d details..

Mother of 17 Children

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I knew Saddam

some interesting facts..

YouTube - I knew Saddam- Part 1

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Few Quotes for U.. :) Ofcourse for u cause i already read..

Be yourself — who else is better qualified? — Frank J. Giblin II

Every man dies, not every man really lives. — William Wallace

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star. — Confucius

Private victories precede public victories. You can't invert that process any more than you can harvest a crop before you plant it. — Stephen Covey

Where much is expected from an individual, he may rise to the level of events and make the dream come true. — Elbert Hubbard

Those who have suffered much are like those who know many languages; they have learned to understand and be understood by all. — Madame Swetchine

Time has a wonderful way of weeding out the trivial. — Richard Ben Sapir

A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it nees a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often — just to save it from drying out completely. — Pam Brown

This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love; the more the give, the more they possess. — Rainer Maria Rilke

The most important of all sciences man can and must learn is the science of living so as to do the least evil and the greatest possible good. — Leo Tolstoy

When you win, nothing hurts. — Joe Namath

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. — Henry David Thoreau

The world shall perish not for lack of wonders, but for lack of wonder. — J. B. S. Haldane

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. — Langston Hughes

A little axe can cut down a big tree. — Jamaican proverb

There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability. — Robert Half

An exciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie. — Aldous Huxley

To be content with what we possess is the greatest and most secure of riches. — Cicero

Breathless, we flung us on the windy hill, laughed in the sun, and kissed the lovely grass. — Rupert Brooke

We can only change the world by changing men. — Charles Wells

A spark neglected makes a mighty fire. — John Dryden

The most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, familiar things new. — William Makepeace Thackeray

It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. — David Feherty

Out of difficulties grow miracles. — Jean de la Bruyere

We always take credit for the good and attribute the bad to fortune. — Jean De La Fontaine

Home is the sacred refuge of our life. — John Dryden

Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown. — William Penn

I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird, and not enough the bad luck of the early worm. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

The ripest peach is the highest on the tree. — James Whitcomb Riley

Each one sees what he carries in his heart. — Goethe

There is only one road to true human greatness: through the school of hard knocks. — Albert Einstein

Beachcombing's charm is its infinite variety, its rewards are not confined to objects acquired. One may comb, instead, coherent thoughts from the wreck left in one's mind by emotional storms. — Nelson Bryant

People demand freedom of speech as compensation for the freedom of thought which they never use. — Kierkegaard

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. — Marie Curie

Like a ten-ton cake, the world is more than anyone can eat at one sitting. Select a piece of it, then enjoy the party. — Samuel M. Silver

Without music, life is a journey through a desert. — Pat Conroy


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Is it the time to say TATA to expensive cars??

No Doubts...1 Lakh TATA Car design is unveiled finally...!

go through the details..

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Pls vote in support of this petition if you feel like..

the police firing on people.. we all know what happened.. let us read the people's views here.. we can write our views as well..


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Street Children of Malaysia

News broadcasted by ALJAZEERA today on malaysian street children..

yeah..believe it..Its in Kuala Lumpur, the HQ of Malaysia

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jaxtr - make free phone calls all over the world

tired of paying bills to ur mobile or land line service provider?

here is the alternative.. :) pls go n reigster ur fone.. i cant do that for u..

call me once u r done with it..

Free Phone

click here to call me on my mobile

call close to reality

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu In USA

Mr.Nara Chandrababu Naidu's US tour.. many details available at one place..can go ahead and watch
Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu In USA

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

ClintonS with TANA representatives

Looking forward to see the next US presidential elections..
we donno much abt the presidents of US who ruled b4 we have some knowledge on global political arena, but from the time we have some, so far i have seen only one Charismatic n People's president.. Bill Clinton, now his wife hillary gonna contest for presidential seat in d coming elections as a candidate from Democratic Party.. i donno whether i hate republicans r not, but i love democrats.. may be this is due to d leaders that we have seen in our period of time..
Love to see a president of that country with some heart instead of current butchers.. :)

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if there is one real administrator of Andhra that we can say we have, he is NARA.. lets forget abt d politics here.. his ability is indisputable in this regard..now he is looking for support away from andhra as well.. NRIs, i hope they r with him.. Response is showing "S", if few r still in dilemma, pls come out from it.. there is no other person in our range of sight that "can do" or "wanna do" something 4 the state..
few need telanganam (btw.. i am from TELANGANA.. but not somebody wish to follow britishers' rule "divide n Rule" KCR might want it),
few need visa scam(s)
few need aarbhaatam
few need Pracharam
few need mattu paneeyam
few need aada vaari sukham
few need banjaru polam (real estate)
few need free nivasam (MLA n Ministers' quarters)
few need factionism
few need sunnam & kannam (cement factories)
ila cheppukuntoo pothe chaantadanta mandi kanipistunnaru, okkadoo paniki vachee vadu leadu.. none of d above said waste fellas can do some good 4d state.. i hope everybody will accept with dis..
its ok,if u r not a TDP supporter.. but vote for NARA..cause
its a Vote for Andhra,
its a vote for student
its a vote for Raithu
its a vote for nirudyogi
its a vote for chirudyogi,
its a vote for women,
its a vote for OLD,
its a vote for IT world,
its a vote for development
n finally its a vote for a "BETTER TOMORROW n BETTER BHARAT"
inta cheppaka inkokkati kuda cheppalani vundi :) wanna say one more thing at the end.. i am a great fan of CHIRU [our MEGASTAR, i lost my chappals few times during his movie releases :) entaina megastar kada, aa maatram bharinchallendi, kotta cinema modati aata choodalante,], i hope he wont be tempted by reviewing the surveys on his entry into politics.. its ok if he can join a progressive party like TDP n do good for d people, but if he wants to be a number 1 for a new political party n wanna form a government by winning in d elections, it will some more screw up the current political picture of AP.. all we can see is a HUNG n atukula bonta n instability.. Already JAY PRAKASH the GREAT [ :) is it JANA RAJAKEEYAM or JAYA RAJAKEEYAM??] started some nonsense.. may be JP admired by looking at KCR's vaapu.. so.. if i were given a chance to request CHIRU something, my humble request to my dear MEGA STAR is "PLS TAKE A RIGHT DECISSION FOR STATE, NOT FOR SELF".. if we r really destined to sit on d CM seat of d state, someday it will come to us, we dont need to go 4 it, specially a macho n charismatic CHIRANJEEVI..

foto courtesy: eenadu

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TANA celebrations

2007, USA, TANA .. its all about andhra, its all about telugu, The Italian of the East.
Nandamuri got much applause from community for his outstanding performance in d role of Sri Krishna Devaraya.. rest u know.. pics few of us only watched.. so.. those who didnt, enjoy d pics here.. thanks to Eenadu (the heart & soul of andhra pradesh), none of us have d doubt about it, may be YSR have some.. hahaha..

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Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

music lover?? want to enjoy this time at a different n cool place??
find this..
The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings
together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

Its formula of afternoon informative workshops, ethno-musical lectures, jamming sessions and mini concerts, followed by evening performances on the main stage has proven to be a hit with the audience, who come from near and far.

The festival site also sets up a variety of food and drink stalls, an arts and crafts area as well as a counter for festival memorabilia, Sarawak souvenirs and CDs by the performing artists, all this contributing to a fun filled, wholesome festival experience. World Music plus a country fair atmosphere in the midst of lush greenery.

The Rainforest World Music Festival, a not-to-be-missed occasion, guarantees a smashing time in the heart of the
Borneo Jungle !

organisers r saying this.. reality?? i donno.. pls go n find :)this week i am busy..
Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

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tajmahal - India - 07.07.07

results of new 7 wonders contest released few hours ago n Tajmahal proved it again..
If it is really a wonder, no matter wherever u conduct d contest, no matter whoever the voters are.. it will stay as a wonder and it will maintain its significance.. still thinking what am i talking about?? its about TAJMAHAL.. a symbol of Love & Passion.. still remained as one of d seven wonders.. ofcourse UNESCO didnt consider this new 7 wonders contest, even myself.. anyway, votes of d world proved passion 4 Tajmahal..heartful thanks to everybody who supported Taj by casting your valuable vote..

Lets read few facts abt TAJ..
Agra, once the capital of the Mughal Empire during the 16th and early 18th centuries, is one and a half hours by express train from New Delhi. Tourists from all over the world visit Agra not to see the ruins of the red sandstone fortress built by the Mughal emperors but to make a pilgrimage to Taj Mahal, India’s most famous architectural wonder, in a land where magnificent temples and edificies abound to remind visitors about the rich civilization of a country that is slowly but surely lifting itself into an industrialized society.
The postcard picture of Taj Mahal does not adequately convey the legend, the poetry and the romance that shroud what Rabindranath Tagore calls "a teardrop on the cheek of time". Taj Mahal means "Crown Palace" and is in fact the most well preserved and architecturally beautiful tomb in the world. It is best described by the English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold, as "Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones." It is a celebration of woman built in marble and that’s the way to appreciate it.

Taj Mahal stands on the bank of River Yamuna, which otherwise serves as a wide moat defending the Great Red Fort of Agra, the center of the Mughal emperors until they moved their capital to Delhi in 1637. It was built by the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in 1631 in memory of his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal, a Muslim Persian princess. She died while accompanying her husband in Burhanpur in a campaign to crush a rebellion after giving birth to their 14th child. The death so crushed the emperor that all his hair and beard were said to have grown snow white in a few months.

When Mumtaz Mahal was still alive, she extracted four promises from the emperor: first, that he build the Taj; second, that he should marry again; third, that he be kind to their children; and fourth, that he visit the tomb on her death anniversary. He kept the first and second promises. Construction began in 1631 and was completed in 22 years. Twenty thousand people were deployed to work on it. The material was brought in from all over India and central Asia and it took a fleet of 1000 elephants to transport it to the site. It was designed by the Iranian architect Ustad Isa and it is best appreciated when the architecture and its adornments are linked to the passion that inspired it. It is a "symbol of eternal love".

The Taj rises on a high red sandstone base topped by a huge white marble terrace on which rests the famous dome flanked by four tapering minarets. Within the dome lies the jewel-inlaid cenotaph of the queen. So exquisite is the workmanship that the Taj has been described as "having been designed by giants and finished by jewellers". The only asymmetrical object in the Taj is the casket of the emperor which was built beside the queen’s as an afterthought. The emperor was deposed by his son and imprisoned in the Great Red Fort for eight years but was buried in the Taj. During his imprisonment, he had a view of the Taj.

As a tribute to a beautiful woman and as a monument for enduring love, the Taj reveals its subtleties when one visits it without being in a hurry. The rectangular base of Taj is in itself symbolic of the different sides from which to view a beautiful woman. The main gate is like a veil to a woman’s face which should be lifted delicately, gently and without haste on the wedding night. In indian tradition the veil is lifted gently to reveal the beauty of the bride. As one stands inside the main gate of Taj, his eyes are directed to an arch which frames the Taj.

The dome is made of white marble, but the tomb is set against the plain across the river and it is this background that works its magic of colours that, through their reflection, change the view of the Taj. The colours change at different hours of the day and during different seasons. Like a jewel, the Taj sparkles in moonlight when the semi-precious stones inlaid into the white marble on the main mausoleum catch the glow of the moon. The Taj is pinkish in the morning, milky white in the evening and golden when the moon shines. These changes, they say, depict the different moods of woman.

Different people have different views of the Taj but it would be enough to say that the Taj has a life of its own that leaps out of marble, provided you understand that it is a monument of love. As an architectural masterpiece, nothing could be added or substracted from it.

the walls are inscribed with verses from the holy Quran. It is said that the inside and outside walls of tajmahal are inscribed with the hole content of Quran.

courtesy: angelfire n others

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