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Friday, August 31, 2007

Bihar proved it Again..

a state without law, ministers without decency, police without hearts, people... u see this n tell me..
watch what they did to a petty thief who was trying to steal a gold chain..

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TV said...

Where were you hiding when Akku Yadav was killed by a mob in Nagpur a couple of years back? Or when an MLA pissed on a lady in West BEngal. It is high time you chaps stopped your negative publicity of Bihar. This is neither the first nor the last in mob violence. People have been burnt alive in TN as well. But you will have to be sensitive to understand it.


Police barbarity in Bhagalpur once again made headlines on Tuesday reminding many about the infamous 'blinding case' in which policemen had poured acid into the eyes of criminals.

The State Government wasted no time in taking action against the 'guilty' policemen while the Opposition left no stone unturned in playing politics over it. Communal tension could be averted somehow in the sensitive area. The National Human Rights Commission lost no time in taking cognisance and serving notices to the Bihar Government officials. Hype heaped over national psyche; sensation swooned over but none bothered to find out how a local studio cameraman of Nathnagar made it all happen for the sensation-starved news channels and hyper-active dailies doing journalism of courage.

Bihar still is the most lawless State of the country and the Bihar Police still cannot escape from its tag of barbarity attached to it but whatever had happened in Bhagalpur on Tuesday was all but not journalism. It was all sheer sensationalism over an amateur footage picked up (or rather bought up, as some said) by the national news channels.

But did anyone try to find out if the policemen shown in footage really tried to drag the alleged chain snatcher Saleem Illiyas with their motorcycle after tying him up to it? Are they shown in the video clip tying the culprit to the motorbike? Yes, it is clear in the clip that one of them ASI LB Singh was beating the thief in the course of taking him out from the frenzied mob.

But, if one look beyond the immediate it is also conspicuous in the footage that a bare-chested man was pushing the red colour bike. The bike was not in motion and eyewitnesses said it was not even started.

The policeman on the bike, Constable Ramchandra Singh, looked helpless before the hostile crowd. Both the policemen do not have any record of such brutality.

But oblivious of the drama being played out around him, the young cameraman was shooting a puja at the local Mannath Kamana temple. Seeing the commotion, he turned the focus of his camera at the drama. He fixed his camera from one angle and shot the visuals from that direction. It showed that the policemen were dragging the thief from their motorbike.

Not even a single news channel took pains to get the sound byte from that amateur cameraman or to look at what he had shot from other angles.

When the cameraman, who is hardly sixteen, shot the 'drama' out of his curiosity, a stringer of a local news channel took the visuals from him and sent it to one of the "first to telecast" national news channels.

The boy who had shot the sequence even did not know who was getting what and how and from where.

Its high time that we bloggers are should not be biased like the Indian media and media men who are sold to vested interest and doing immense damage to the country in general and Bihar in particular.

CloseToReality said...

to TV..

:) i can understand ur dissatisfaction.. send me the details that u mentioned, n i'll post it definitely.. i am not smbody sitting especially to find wht is going on in BIHAR or any other place, thats not my job, whtevr i come across with, i'll post it.. like i said just now.. i wud be glad to post the details if u provide me.. and finally, dont go and point out that others also doing wrong, so in BIHAR, we also can do.. thats not the right way of argument and it wont show our social responsibility in d argument also, this kinda arguments wont last.. can u or tht policeman can talk the same way in d court?? :) whether u r infront of a judge or whether u r infront of d mirror, ur voice must b the same.. don't change the tones according to ur convenience n bring down BIHAR's image some more.. thanks for the post..

CloseToReality said...

i am sorry, how many times i watched it also, i am still not convinced with what you are saying.. i think this video got all the answers..