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Saturday, September 8, 2007

True Love

The man had fought for the US in the War against IRAQ and after returning, he had got married with the girl he was in Love with… Real true Love indeed… Hats off… She is one of the greatest women in the world as far as I can see.

Donno for how many families dear butcher n his team gave this kinda future.. hope somebody will post d details of this great lady.. thx..

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we laugh shamelessly

Look at the expressions of Andhra Pradesh ministers in the all party peace meet on Hyderabad twin bomb blasts.. What do u feel like doing now?? copy this image and send to as many as possible or share this post to as many as possible.. hopefully people will answer with silence on the "Judgment Day"

Hmm.. we don't even bother where we went and what we are doing..

thanks to kishore n Big B for the contribution..

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