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Friday, September 7, 2007

Attack on Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy

nedurumalli janardhana reddy has been attacked by maoists this morning while he was on his way to tirupathi to attend a function where he supposed to get the doctorate..

according to sources, its a convoy of 20 cars (too big for this event) and he and his wife were in the third car, the blast killed 3people (2 party men and a driver) all are travelling in the 5th car..

i still wonder sometimes when i see the activities of maoists..
fighting for society while facing troubles and staying away from families??

if so, why not these brothers kill the accused of "Mosque Bomb Blasts" or the accused of recent serial blasts in hyderabad??
people like us who can't participate in direct violence and who care for a peaceful society will definitely appriciate, if the brothers do such kind of heroic deeds..

if they are heroes,
i urge them to succeed where the government failed,
i urge them to succeed where the police failed,
i urge them to succeed where the administration failed,
i urge them to succeed where the social values failed..

there are many places for them to clean up or improve..

and it is always better to target the root of the problems, target the societies which are causing these problems.. then people will respect them and love them as elder brothers/sisters.. that is what people are looking for.. we dont want them to come and kill individuals, if they can do something for the society, we expect them to eradicate the organisations involved in recent hyderabad bomb blasts, or we expect them to eradicate the outskirt robberies ..
there are many to add in the list.. why can't they see these problems??

carrying a gun and blasting people doesn't come under heroism, if so where is the difference between them and the recent bomb blast killers or any other anti social organisations??

"Hope they Do some heroic deeds if they still want to go ahead with that kinda life away from the society.. can't see these kinda things so often n feel what they r doing n why.."

hoping that atleast one BROTHER will read this and think the way public is thinking..
long live brothers..
people have some feelings for you, don't loose it..
why only we need to have a happy families and nice living??
why can't you have it??

Hmm... enuf i think, lets go and read all the nonsense that will be released to the press and public by our beloved government.. :)

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