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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lokesh-brahmani engagement, for details read d blog with same title..

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Lokesh-Brahmani engagement

season of marriges in andhra? donno.. but here it is.. talk of d state.. engagement of nara chandrababu naidu's son with nandamuri balakrishna's daughter brahmani.. enjoy d pics..
click the link here..
engagement pics
btw, who r they standing n watching without even caring about the rain?? who else??
its us.. fans, party followers.. whoever it is.. better look back at what we are doing.. r we invited? or we r interested?? Invited..foget it.. ofcourse "NO".. interested?? then why we r standing here?? cant we wait until the next day's newspaper or tonite's TV news??

one daughter asked, daddy.. i need to attend EAMCET exam, can u drop me there? sorry dear.. no time.. one sister asked, [sorry guys, this is exclusively for telugu people] anna.. maa friend pelli, pls nannu shopping ki teesukellava?? brother replied.. naakem panleda enti?? intlo vallaki emanna cheyyalante manaki time vundadu, kani pilavani perantaniki velli enda, vaana lekka cheyya kunda choodandi entha teerigga nilabaddamo...[telugu ends here] ..[cant understand telugu??] here i jus said we dont have time for family, but we got lotta time to waste like dis without caring about sun or rain..

come on guys, lets look back at ourselves on what we are doing..
celebrities also have some private life.. please dont go n disturb it when u r not invited..lets go n take care of our own business..

happy wishes to Nandamuri n Nara families.. mallee kaluddam ( c u later)..

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