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Sunday, July 8, 2007


if there is one real administrator of Andhra that we can say we have, he is NARA.. lets forget abt d politics here.. his ability is indisputable in this regard..now he is looking for support away from andhra as well.. NRIs, i hope they r with him.. Response is showing "S", if few r still in dilemma, pls come out from it.. there is no other person in our range of sight that "can do" or "wanna do" something 4 the state..
few need telanganam (btw.. i am from TELANGANA.. but not somebody wish to follow britishers' rule "divide n Rule" KCR might want it),
few need visa scam(s)
few need aarbhaatam
few need Pracharam
few need mattu paneeyam
few need aada vaari sukham
few need banjaru polam (real estate)
few need free nivasam (MLA n Ministers' quarters)
few need factionism
few need sunnam & kannam (cement factories)
ila cheppukuntoo pothe chaantadanta mandi kanipistunnaru, okkadoo paniki vachee vadu leadu.. none of d above said waste fellas can do some good 4d state.. i hope everybody will accept with dis..
its ok,if u r not a TDP supporter.. but vote for NARA..cause
its a Vote for Andhra,
its a vote for student
its a vote for Raithu
its a vote for nirudyogi
its a vote for chirudyogi,
its a vote for women,
its a vote for OLD,
its a vote for IT world,
its a vote for development
n finally its a vote for a "BETTER TOMORROW n BETTER BHARAT"
inta cheppaka inkokkati kuda cheppalani vundi :) wanna say one more thing at the end.. i am a great fan of CHIRU [our MEGASTAR, i lost my chappals few times during his movie releases :) entaina megastar kada, aa maatram bharinchallendi, kotta cinema modati aata choodalante,], i hope he wont be tempted by reviewing the surveys on his entry into politics.. its ok if he can join a progressive party like TDP n do good for d people, but if he wants to be a number 1 for a new political party n wanna form a government by winning in d elections, it will some more screw up the current political picture of AP.. all we can see is a HUNG n atukula bonta n instability.. Already JAY PRAKASH the GREAT [ :) is it JANA RAJAKEEYAM or JAYA RAJAKEEYAM??] started some nonsense.. may be JP admired by looking at KCR's vaapu.. so.. if i were given a chance to request CHIRU something, my humble request to my dear MEGA STAR is "PLS TAKE A RIGHT DECISSION FOR STATE, NOT FOR SELF".. if we r really destined to sit on d CM seat of d state, someday it will come to us, we dont need to go 4 it, specially a macho n charismatic CHIRANJEEVI..

foto courtesy: eenadu

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