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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Status of religious freedom in India - I (continuation of "Freedom")

"Hinduism is more a way of life than a method of worship.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you"

when we read the sentences like this, we feel proud to be a Hindu..
same goes to a muslim or christian..every religion have great sayings like the above and every individual feels proud about their own religion..

those who are not satisfied with their religion, or those who are in a need to change due to the inevitable circumstances will(or)can change their religion from hindu to muslim, etc., etc.,

what my concern here is..

why a religion needs publicity or promotion??
why a religion need to offer benifits to the people for conversion of the religion instead of the conversion on individual's wish??
why a religion can or can not have harmony with other religions??

the sentences that i mentioned in the begining of this article applies to all religions, its a way of living than a method of worship.. nothing else..
including hindus, here i would like to say few words..

** never give publicity**
its a bare truth that everybody has to accept that "hindu societies" always patient(tolerant) to the other religions and always had the harmony with the other religions.. you can read the facts in the coming lines..

just to simplify and make it clear to everyone, let me take few live examples..

sachin tendulkar (or) Mohd.Azharuddin (or) Sunil Gavaskar (or) KapilDev (or) Sir Don Bradmon doesn't need publicity, cause they are the legends in their area
Titanic doesn't need publicity
Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Google, Yahoo Don't need publicity
Nokia, samsung, Sony don't need publicity
Ferrari, Merc don't need publicity
Myke Tyson don't need publicity
Mahatma gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Carl Marx, Saddam Hussain don't need publicity
charlee chaplin don't need publicity
McDonalds, KFC don't need publicity
watican city, Mecca don't need publicity

by this time you might have understood what i am trying to say..
if the idealogy of our religion is broader and our religion is remarkable in its preachings,
we don't need to give publicity, people they themselves would love to learn about it..
all the above said people and places don't need publicity we all love to learn about them..

now i expect wise answers from some stupid and rich organisations dumping their money into India and other growing countries to convert people into their religion..
now i expect answers from OSAMA for his recent video stating all americans to join Islam..
now i expect answers from some hindu extremist organizations who have a feeling of hatred about other religions..

the more they come and ask other religions to convert, the more they are loosing their ground..
the more they try to promote their religion, they are telling the world how small they are..

no religion taught to "HATE"..
no religion taught to "KILL"..
no religion taught to "CONVERT"..

what we are seeing today is the result of the acts of some oppurtunists.. don't buy their stories..

be what you are..
change your religion if you want to or if you need to..
don't change because of some benefits offering by the organizations..

be proud if you change your religion for being a better human being who knows about two religions instead of one.. some people may talk about your conversion, but you can ask them what do they know about their current religion and what they have done so far for the current religion?? I bet, they cannot answer you.. :) because they have done nothing for their religion and they know nothing.. most of us only know how to close our eyes and wish for something during prayers time and with that we will be thinking that our feelings are deep for our religion..
as you know it is always easy to criticise than appreciate..

a religion which gives freedom of practising the religion is always better than a religion which will try to restrict you for your life time..
a religion can play an important role in a human being's life style and values but life is not just religion.. its just a part of life..

follow the principle "Live and Let the others Live"..
at the end everybody is a human being and one fine day everybody goes six feet under.. In the middle why do you need barriers like religion, race etc.,??

Love a person, Love a nation, Love nature, Love anything, But when it comes to religion, understand your religion but don't build a mad love about your religion.. i hope all the religion extremists will understand this..

and here i would like to add few more words for them who complain about religion extremists as well..
for every action there will be a reaction.. if you slap a small boy, be ready for the return slap in your life.. you may get it anytime..

those who talk about "SHIV SENA", those who talk about "GUJARAT GOVERNMENT's SIDING FOR HINDUS" etc., etc.,
the following lines will tell the facts about the incidents against HINDUS and their Temples.. [interesting, in malaysia they still have this temple issues.. don't think that you are in 21st century, not in malaysia.. visit www.othermalaysia.org.. you can find some valuable articles by Mr.Farish A Nor, a malaysian also.. :)]

you play with hindus feelings in Mumbai, shiv sena was born.. you made Bal thackrey a Great Leader.. now even hindus are saying he is an extremist, but who is the reason behind this?? you burn innocents in a running train in GHODRA, Gujarat consequences came and the next elections have shown the feelings of the country.. you break temples, you break statues of Lord Buddha,

Here one should understand this "YOU" refers to who.. i don't mind if every muslim put himself at this place.. but its not my fault, its all depends on your wisdom towards the truth and religion..

thara singh from rajasthan should be punished, but what made him to do that?? who asked 'YOU' to come to my country and convert my people..
what are the benefits that they have got in LIFE after conversion.. don't talk about materialistic benefits like few thousand rupees for conversion..

the only answer i can give is "LOOK AT YOUR BACK AND CORRECT YOURSELF, THEN TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE AND THEIR RELIGION" Hindus are not exceptional here.. i am talking whoever it is..

If i marry a muslim and she wants me to convert for her, i can and i would love do that..
If i marry a christian and she wants me to convert for her, i can and i would love do that..
and i only like to debate with the people who can do such.. (not only for ur wife, for any of ur personal reasons.. n from any religion to any religion..)
those who can not do, are still hanging to a tree of religion, they can hang there and enjoy..

India Never called tourists from the world saying "Truly Asia" or any other thing... People come on their own for its well known culture..
India never encouraged any single religion, it is open for all and all religions have equal rights.. (more for minorities)

If somebody want to comment on Hindusim,
let me answer as a HINDU,

"Hinduism" is like an ocean..

Its too deep to understand for a normal human being in his life time.. where is the oppurtunity to criticise it when don't even know the full meaning..
This ocean can take in how many other rivers also, and taking out few waters from this ocean can never make this ocean to dry..
This Ocean never asks the rivers and canals to come and join and it wont complain if its water is being removed and used in some other form..
Its existence is forever and one cannot change it..
The wealth of knowledge this ocean gives you depends on howmuch you can extract from it, there is no limit..
The more it has been evaporated by external factors, the more it will be filled in back with fresh waters without any effort..
Those leaving it thinking the waters are salty will sent back to the same for the same reason..

and i wish to hear every religion say proudly about their religion the same way as long as they have tolerance for other religions..
the day we don't have it.. howmuch we sing our religion song also, forever we will be there where we are..

And finally...

to the morons who are trying to bring communal riots in india.. (may be you are DAWOOD, may be you are OSAMA, may be you are MUSHAROFF, may be you are BUSH or may be you are any Hindu Extremist thinking that you are the only true hindu)

"Don't try to play with INDIA@HINDUSTHAN, our waters are more than enuf to sink you and your whole bloody rationalsim to the deepest.. I promise you, you will never return again"

Don't ever try to take the advantage of the Patience of India..
the day it opens its third eye, all you oppurtunists are no more..

"And i request all who condemn my usage of Hindusthan in the above lines to leave my country on the spot without any demands, because that is what India is from the day it got independence..those who can not accept it, please find USA, UK, Pakistan, bangladesh or some other country according to your convenience. Thank you for staying with us all this while, but it is always better to stay where you feel your home is instead of staying in the neighbour's house and thinking about home and singing your family song"

"as i said in earlier blog..
national anthem is for indians, not for muslims, hindus, christians, sikhs, parsis or for any single religion..

the idea of it is not to rub our ideas on others, but to bring in a feeling of a new religion called "INDIAN"..

"Hindusthan: is me dil bhee hai our dum bhee"

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