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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


"FREEDOM" is the undefined dictionary synonym for a human being's life in "INDIA"..
we love freedom and we are enjoying this more than any other country citizens..
what if this "FREEDOM" cross the limits??

for RELIGION, we have freedom
for faith, we have freedom
for marriage, for place of living, for supporting a political party, for conducting an agitation, to express support to any organisation, may be many are missing here due to my hurry in finishing this long pending topic, but on top of all, in india we have "FREEDOM OF SPEECH".. an young journalist can send a government to ashes if he can prove the scams of the government or if he can prove the government is totally inefficient in its administration.. that is the power of freedom we have where we can not find in many other countries..

but most of the recent issues need our concern.. specially the misuse of freedom or misuse of authority..

let me talk about the authority first.. come to my state, the first state of India that starts alphabetically, "ANDHRA PRADESH".. we would have been in the same position in terms of development also if the earlier government continued ruling the present tenure.. now what was happening exactly is people are scared to open and read the news paper early in the morning, cause it will screw up your mood totally, same thing goes in the night.. :) who want nightmares because of reading a news paper before going to sleep??

just look at the recent incidents followed one after one in the state:
*** politicians do land grabbing @ land mafia..
*** sons/daughters of prominent people misue their parents power (like the parent like the children.. why only these fellows can commit such kinda acts? cause their parents are in power.. 3 to 4 recent news in the paper will tell you who are they and what they did..)
*** collapsed fly-overs
*** bomb blasts in a mosque
*** serial bomb blasts in the city HYDERABAD
*** divide and rule nature of the politicians ( i need telangana, i need rayala seema, i need kosta... bloody hell, you all need your power.. have you ever think of what people need??.. we have some politicians who need seperate state, talk like an illeterate fellow and use his mouth to say any kinda words just to rage up the people's feelings)
*** you need education, we need business (private and corporate educational institutes sucking the blood and sweat of parents.. also mainly under the binami names but the actual investors will be some big shot politicians)
*** my adorable brothers from forest executing bomb blasts on the leaders who enforced strict rules against them during the ruling ( these brothers don't have any other better things to do a??)
*** gang rape on tribal ladies
*** demolition of ramoji film city
*** murders by factionists to eliminate the opposition from the root in their area.. (building strong basement for future elections?? :) )
*** Lease of mines and the continuos stories
*** ministers signing the documents without reading it.. (Can't they read?? or no time to read?? god only knows..)

there is no end to this list, by the time i am writing here, don't know with which new story the news paper printing sections are busy with.. all the above said are due to misusing the authority and power..

now lets talk about misusing the "FREEDOM"..

our country gave freedom to us to choose whatever religion or faith that we want to follow.. whomever we want to get marry with.. whatever political party we want to join etc., etc., until it become like "INDIA - FREEDOM EVERYWHERE"..

so some of the anti social elements taking advantage of the above said word with the help of above said people (who misuse the authority, we can add them also into this anti social groups) and trying to create disturbances in the harmony of our lives, trying to play with our peace, trying to play with our growth, in a word these B*****Ds are playing with our lives..

few reasons that i can see for the formation of these anti social elements especially from some religions are:
[not that we have no other reasons or religions involved.. everybody is involved here, but some i can see as a normal observer of the society.. the more reasons you find, pls send to me.. let us add here to voice out all kind of issues that are causing these troubles, NO? u want to take it negatively.. want to see my end for expressing my views.. "WELCOME" :)]

*** they have their own rules (don't know which gentleman set these rules, but in my opinion, there should not be any special rules for any body.. all indians are same.. enforce the same rule for all.. if my law says i can marry howmany i wish, what i'll do?? ofcourse i will marry four or five.. then what i'll do?? i'll produce six to seven children from each family(cause i don't believe in family planning), then what i'll do?? already produced around 24 new lives and my income can only can cater the needs of 3 or 4,.. now what to do?? leave them on their own.. what else i can do.. so now what they will do?? God Knows.. play n freak on the roads.. get in touch with few other fellows of same kind.. start street level anti social activities for few rupees.. slowly become higher level anti social elements (Promotion maaaaa.. u donno a??).. now i complain, my children become worst, they are not listening to me.. please scold me.. "bloodyfool, which son or daughter will listen to a parent who can do nothing for them??".. ya, i am sorry.. now only i realised.. i am useless, produced two cricket teams in my life time with my sexual ability but these teams will never play cricket for the country, they will play with balls called BOMBS and they will play this for the neighbouring countries.. Wah.. INDIA.. Wah.. what a freedom you have given me..


noone is special, our religion is one religion.. "INDIAN".. (don't say its not a religion, it can be..) from the day we got independence, we amended many rules and many definitions.. why can't we amend "DEMOCRACY" a bit to make the above law and why can't we amend "RELIGION" a bit to form the above "RELIGION"??

[[[otherwise people like OSAMA will be releasing few more videos asking people to convert their religions... :) OSAMA should remember that he can not be a great leader like "SADDAM HUSSAIN".. there will be always a difference between an elephant and a ### .. ### can never be the elephant.. same goes to OSAMA, he can never be a "SADDAM"..]]]


we know some religions imposing or trying to get people converted into their religions by offering benefits.. :)

btw.. one more recent news,
*** Painting nude pics of other religion GODS.. (all my admiration has gone.. this old fellow have nothing else to paint aa?)

other major reasons that we can see can cause the formation of these anti social elements are..

*** illiteracy
*** corruption
*** politics
*** poverty etc., etc.,

we also have leaders who send the files of terrorists for MERCY, which again leads to "FREEDOM".. :) Do they know the difference between a crime against an individual and a crime against the society or country?? If they know, they wont send the files for "MERCY".. who knows the leaders who are doing such, may come under the same category but with "White Collared Crimes" and always need the support from these anti social elements.. leaders or terrorists or heroes or heroines, country should teach us that there is no one special under the umbrella of LAW when it comes to the cost of the Country..

We Indians can live without any thing, but can not survive without "FREEDOM" :) so, rules should be made and enforced in such a way that one commits a crime against the country can never have one's freedom again in the lifetime.. Just do it and see, we definitely can see the drop of crimes against country.. (no more freedom for those: who are involved in fake currency, who are involved in drugs, who are involved in illegal ammunition, who are involved in forcing to do prostitution, who are involved in land mafia, who are invloved in low quality constructions, who are involved in extortion, who are involved in lending money for high interests, Mainly WHO ARE INVOLVED IN UNDER TABLE COLLECTIONS.. :) how many of the officers are really counting the bars now that we read about them for the last few years for having enormous wealth which they earned under tables??.. may be now they dont have job.. but they have money n "FREEDOM".. they might be preparing now for new crimes or to join politics.. :)

please read the next blog and find some of the good and bad things(ofcourse interesting) in "Status of religious freedom in India:"..

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