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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bihar proved it again - II

Happened again.. A better education leads to better civilization.. hope efforts will be made to bring up humanitarian values in this stone-aged state.. Sorry to say this, but that is what they are proving to the world again and again.. pls go through the following..

NDTV Correspondent
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 (Newada)A mob tortured and pierced the eyes of three teenagers who stole a motorcycle at gunpoint at a village in Nawada Monday evening.

The mob was waiting for the alleged thieves after their victim complained to the village elders.

The crowd dragged the three off the bike and beat them up before piercing their eyes with a sharp tool.

''I don't have any past police record. This is the first time I have stolen something. But in the past I have been jailed in another case,'' said Pinku.

''This man has a criminal record. He was involved in a car theft case. He is a wanted criminal. Even the other one has been to jail. All these are friends and were together when this happened,'' said Laxmikant, Sub-Inspector, Buniyadpur Thana.

Only days ago a man was brutalised by a crowd in Bhagalpur and dragged by a policeman riding a bike.

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