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Sunday, September 16, 2007

MF Hussain Campaign

If you feel what he has done is totally ridiculous, cast your vote against his paintings at http://www.mfhussain.com/ .. before doing that just see the pictures and comparisions at the following link..

MF Hussain Campaign#note

we don't need to kill cartoonists or put one million dollars on their head to kill them.. :)
but may be we can make him to walk naked on mumbai roads to understand what nudity really means and specially when you try to hurt the nation's religious harmony..
When you see the pictures in the above link, you feel whether this fellow is really eligible for Raja Ravi Varma's award or not.. i suggest take back all the awards that are announced and given to this fellow by any organisations or governments and send him to jail to sit n paint "seven Bars".. He should know about india at the age of 80, he is not a 8 years boy.. so don't temme he is unaware of the consequences or he is unaware of what he is doing.. it looks totally intentional and may be he wants to be in lime light.. like he did few years ago talking and taking movies with Maduri Dixit like a mad dog with uncontrollable sexual desire at the age of 80..

"TV Host: What it is particularly that about artist in Hussain, that gets you angry. Fact that he is Muslim, is that where the problem steps? If anyone else has done these paintings would you have shown the same objection?

Dr. Durgesh Samant: Yes! Yes! It is not because he is a Muslim. If he is a Muslim and he has drawn Goddess & Bharatmata fully clothed we would have appreciate in much better way. But ha !' he has not done so. If anybody else irrespective to any religion had drawn a naked Bharatmata, we would have objected it."

read the full debate.. its not against a religion its against an individual's stupidity called hussain's painting on bharatmaata..
Debate on Nude Bharatmata Painting:

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