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Saturday, September 15, 2007

worship ??

happy vinayaka chavithi@ganesh chaturthi..
we respect national flag, n we don't throw it, make it dirt, let it fall on the floor.. Ohhh!!! many rules.. n we all follow it.. why?? due to the respect? or due to the enforcement of rules? if it is due to respect, then how about this following?? national flag we created.. but the following is the one who created us.. but we can dump him like this.. to where the respect went? :) may be because even though we do it, we won't be dragged into the courts for the violation of rules like we will be in the case of 'National Flag'.. can somebody propose to add a new rule saying that those who do like this to the gods will be punished in the present life with the help of some law.. :)

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