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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What are the newest theat to America?

WoW.. nice to know that people feel the way "Close to Reality" is feeling..
have a look at it.. its a question been asked in "Yahoo Answers" 9 months ago..
somebody has sent me the above link saying that the answer is cool n real..

finding the faults in the above spelling of "threat"? :)
intentionally left it as "theat" coz tht was the spelling they used in d question..

follow the above link.. or follow this..
What are the newest theat to America?

of course "Close to Reality" has given some nonsense answers too.. one of which has also been selected as "Best Answer" apart from the above.. :)

that is.. :) c d following..

Who indiains top10 famouse ladies ?

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