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Sunday, May 25, 2008

BJP wins Karnataka Elections 2008

still in the idea of blaming "BJP" as Hindu special? Almost every other party in the country deserted BJP saying religious party.. none are exceptional including AIADMK, TDP.. but what BJP's stand today in the national Level is everyone knows.. Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and Now in Karnataka.. doesn't it tell us what the people of this country are thinking about BJP, not the parties.. Yes, its not the parties and their statements.. its the people..

and now they are expressing their support and feelings.. seems like time for congress to think again n again n again on their policies and their administration in the states they are ruling.. if not, very soon.. the word "CONGRESS" will be a history for the generations coming.. :) campaign of giants like "Sonia, Manmohan & Rahul" couldn't save the party in Karnataka.. May be mr.veerappa moily better go and take care of his state CONGRESS.. :) Btw, YSR and NTR's daughter Purandhareswary also went to do campaign for CONGRESS.. :) time for Purandhareswary to understand that she won irrespective of Party Just bcoz of NTR.. not for her personal charm or her husband's ... :) nobody is going to listen to her unless she follow the foot steps of her father.. tht steps we all know.. Against to Congress..

Parties said Modi Modi... but what happened? He won.. not just won.. he won comfortably.. then HP results.. Now Karnataka results.. what Congress is doing in Andhra is nothing but following the foot steps of Narendra Modi... :) saying "Development" .. "Development".. whole state is watching who is really Developing.. :) people or leaders.. then comes TRS.. with Telangana.. what happens if KCR become CM of Telangana and after few years only certain districts of telangana developed much bcoz of good leaders and the others don't? what if the other districts in telangana itself gets united and ask for separate state called "MINI TELANGANA"? will he accept to divide the state into mini telangana? :) all this a** holes are taking care of their own agenda.. why don't we understand? if all these a**holes did sit for drinking in the night and getting up in d afternoon and do nothing for their districts or constituencies to which they r representing, ofcourse.. the place won't b developed.. they created it.. they are responsible for it.. its not a united state.. all this while what these a**holes did?

please don'y buy the stories of these leaders and their stories.. we r all one.. we shouldn't forget on what grounds our state has been formed.. if everybody wants a separate .. Guys.. I also want a separate state for NALGONDA or KARIMNAGAR or ADILABAD.. i want to be the CM... :)

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Selerines said...

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Pradeep said...

Finally, now there will be an end to the total absence of governance -- that lasted four full years -- in Karnataka. BJP gets a chance to prove its pro-development tag.

CloseToReality said...

selerines.. thank you for the comment, sure i can add ur link.. thanks again

CloseToReality said...

s pradeep, lets c what happens ... :) btw, thanks for d comment.. keep coming..