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Monday, May 26, 2008

MRPS attack on Andhrajyothy Office

Dr. B. R Ambedkar said the constitution is for 10years tenure to bring up the backward castes .. for social equality.. its been 60years.. still the reservations are going on.. but still it is not enough.. and until today we are fighting in ourselves for more and more reservations.. Until a recent Judgment from supreme court, all this while nobody bothered about the financially backward OC people.. I hope many people remember the Mandal Commission incident..
Now see what our MRPS activists done to Andhra Jyothy News Paper..
Read the news that they have written and decide whether the act of these people is correct? Who gave them the authority to do violence.. what do they think? Whoever it is, there is no place for this kind of actions in the society of people.. we all should remember that we are living among people, not animals.. recently, mega star's fans did this kind of things against raja shekhar.. n now MRPS activists.. is it their leadership's fault?? or is it the people who r doing this have no brains??
pls follow the link for the news
BAADUGA NETHALU.. :) i think this title is suitable for them.. Mega star's fans actions are based on emotions in Andhra.. but the at
tack in Hyderabad like in the movies is a "PAKKA PLANNED".. without any advise from some top level guys, noone dare to do until such extent.. all these ppl are spoiling CHIRU'S Image.. But the incident on Andhra Jyothy is purely planned and guided by the leaders.. no doubt in that.. they attacked all over the state for no reason.. they should be punished..

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