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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Birth Day of "Close to Reality" :)

Dear All..

First of all, Let me thank each and every one of you who came to this blog n find something.. that something can b interesting for you, or can b a nonsense, or can b a reality or can b fun or can b acceptable..

whatever it is, with some small breaks in the middle (twice in this year), i have blogged successfully for d last one year.. :) special thanks to those subscribers who r with me for the whole year..

During this one year, i received few good comments and few criticisms as well.. :) but i determined to go on.. n i'll .. to improve this further, now "Close to Reality" is going to setup its own website.. so.. in a very short period from now we will b meeting at anigalla.net with a tag line

anigalla.net : apolitical & a political..

Official announcement will b made here at blogspot once the site is ready and pls do remember that there will not b any differences in the intensity of "Close to Reality'S" expressions on current affairs.. and there will not be any commercialization for the coming year.. so please feel free to subscribe to my new site without any hesitations for better info n features..

Its definitely going to b a war on anti social elements n corrupted officials n "Our beloved Politicians".. the new place will b a nice blend of both non political (fun, realities etc.,) as well as political.. like the tag line says "apolitical & a political" .. mean while pls do visit d temporary home page for my satisfaction :) and send me any new concepts or ideas that u want me to add in d new site for u..

till then i'll keep posting here...

Close To Reality

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