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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bujjigadu Movie Review

Youthful entertainment with taut screenplay clicks”. Seems Puri is hardcore believer of this funda. But, thinking too young sucks. You may question, how young is too young? Then, watch Bujjigadu.

Linga Raju, popularly known as Bujji is a boy who runs away from home at his 11th year when his neighbour cum close friend Chitti refuses to talk to him. He reaches Chennai and turns tough and admirer of Rajnikanth. He waits for 12 years to meet his love Chitti. As soon as he comes back to Vizag, lands in a trouble. That leads him to accept one crore deal to hit someone called Shivaji in Hyderabad. The execution goes other way and Bujji finds his love Chitti.

“Bujjigadu” with a tag made in Chennai, probably goes well with the fancies of teens. This formula movie with hero’s entry followed by a trap and so-called suspense in finding heroine lacks a convincing storyline. Generally, Puri Jagannath goes choosy about music in his movies. None of the songs are up to the mark. Dialogues are good but sound louder than the scene.

Prabhas is right fit for the title role as a stupid, self-confident and arrogant youth with coastal Andhra accent and different body language. Kota and his sons made a perfect group of baddies. And wish the movie makers had given a thought to cast Prakash Raj or some other new face for Shivaji’s (Mohan Babu) role. Cinematography and other technical elements teamed up brilliantly.

Things that gave mediocre touch to this movie should have been considered twice - ending the first part with “Saala I love you”, Trisha and Sunil at an FM Radio station, Mohan Babu’s dialogues, etc.

As Puri says, his hero is bold enough to handle any situation and, generally, rest of the characters also go easy in his movies. One feels life simple while watching Chaplin movies. Were they motivated him? If yes, it’s time he planned for such a melodrama. Picking up the action movie like “The Departed” and coating a bit of comedy and nativity may work out well only in few cases like “Pokiri”.

Bujjigadu, as the word implies, an ideal presentation for adolescents and school going kids. Puri, are you missing your youthful concept here or trying something still younger?

courtesy: Big B

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