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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Evadi Abba Sommu? (ఎవడి అబ్బ సొమ్ము?)

One more time bi-elections, crores of money being spent for this elections.. from where all this money came for these politicians? "Telangana" wanted leader KCR brought this bi-elections and rubbing the costs on the people's heads. on one side prices of every daily usage items has been went up.. why can't we use this money to let it float inorder to bring down the prices? does any one of these politicians really care for people or they want to achieve their personal agendas? what "KCR" needs exactly? to be the CM of "Telangana" or to be the "King Maker" ( :) he announced he wants to see an SC/ST CM.. don't know who'll be that puppet to dance according to the KCR'S songs..)..
sometimes i wonder how leaders(they call themselves) can use such a slang words like KCR.. if this kind of manners less fellows become the leaders, naturally "telangana" will b the way he is claiming as it is now.. Now started new Drama with One more Drama artist from Andhra called KA PAL (i call him bloody fool..) For what this new alliance came up? for KA PAL'S other people's money aaa? hahaha.. do u want to know something about this bloody fool KA PAL? please visit this

K A PAL - on a wing and a prayer
are they going to take care of "Telangana"? forget it.. keep dreaming.. this f***ers will never do anything.. Hey!! KCR... get up.. still hang over aa? u r talking all nonsense about "telangana", "language" and culture rite? then who is this f***er KA PAL? a mo**er f***er who is determined to get funds from abroad and convert other religion people to some other religion for promoting himself as God'S messenger aaa?
then what will happen to your telangana language and culture? A lady named lakshmi until yesterday will become "theresa Mary Lakshmi" and will start carrying a book every sunday morning, leaving children at home going somewhere with Lipstick(new style taught in new religion) talking half-english, half-telugu, kissing on d cheeks of ppl she met... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! much to say....
just open your eyes.. OR do u want us to believe that you don't know all this or what? though you know all this, you want KA PAL's Money.. so you will ask him to drink with you and sleep in your bed.. but next evening after hang over is over, stand some where in d meeting, shaking like a hysteria fellow and talking like an illiterate fellow raising your voice on others like a drunken monkey and saying that "Andhra" people don't respect "telangana" people and language.. bullshit.. we are also from "Telangana".. we know what is what.. we don't need leaders like you who need minister post (not deputy speaker).. if can't get then you need separate state.. "respect" comes based on what we do and how we present ourselves to the world.. it wont come if we stand on the dias with some other bloody fools and shout like a hysteria patient..
those who really care for people will never entertain bi-elections like this whenever they feel like some hot topic needed to keep their slogan alive.. very soon you will learn a lesson.. wish to see u sitting at home and hanging around.. we don't need leaders or rulers like you.. that is what we had 200 yrs ago.. (Britishers: "divide and rule" .. you are no different to them.. Oh!! Btw, you are a fan of NIZAM rite? GOOD.. hope ur days will end like them too) cms like u r busy with ur bi-elections, come back to me after u got a nice kick on ur a*s from the people of "ANDHRA PRADESH"... c u ard..

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