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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Indians: Need a different CRUSH now..

crush on sania.. ... mmmuaahhhh... stylish hyderabadi, proud of india, hoooo.... many... have a crush on her?? pls change it.. if possible "CRUSH" her.. when people getting some recognition, the behaviour should be more responsibile.. here its totally different, but it is not new to her.. so guys n gals.. watch this pic, n e-mail this pic to as many as possible.. for everyone to understand that this B*T*H has no respect for country.. a female M.F.Hussain or what? that B*S*A*D ran away and sitting in england, dont know once received all the benifits from the state and country and sponserers, and the day when she can't play anymore, one fine day to where this B*T*H will fly off.. India will give the basement, India will give everything.. then with that money and recognition, they'll do smthing wrong with people or country, then runaway and settle down nicely in some other country.. let us kick them n crush them.. When it comes to insulting INDIA, words like B*T*H and B*S*A*D are very small to address them..
just wait and watch, she will come out with many funny explanations like "flag is too far, but its a camera trick" etc., etc.,

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