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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Follow the turn' or 'Turn to follow'


Find the header image of this blog.
Place it as a desktop b/g (centered) with gray as base color to contrast.

Try to understand the visual.

The image implies many straight lines formed naturally and only one curve across.

While the mediums of air and water demand the principle "Follow to turn"
i.e. Follow the wind to turn or follow the stream/wind to turn", the reality/road instructs "turn to follow".

But who knows, a time would come, the time that unveils the the-other-way- around-scenario of the above idea - to prove a notion wrong - 'reality is something you can't rise above'. . It's human brain after all...the birth place of technology.

'Follow the turn' and 'Turn to follow' might be possible in either case.
That turn-on is not far away! Green time is ahead.


thanx to Big B for contributing some wonderful content.. hearty welcome to comments, arguments, remarks etc., etc.,

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