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Saturday, June 30, 2007

dis friday night

hi all,

sorry for d gap.. wht to do? everyone of us will have some sort of disturbance in our life rite? :( i am not exceptional as well.. i too have one these days..
k, lets forget abt it, thats my problem..
..before starting new posts, lemme tell u few things about dis weekend.. its not d weekend so important but the places.. after couple of years, again this friday night n saturday i've really spent some time in kuala lumpur (KL).. not much difference from the last time.. guys, anybody coming to KL these days? if yes, n u wish to do some shopping, dis is d place i suggest.. but it doesn't mean that this is the place where u get the best prices.. there are many places where in certain place, u'll get certain items cheaper than compared to dis place.. but if u need a place of "all in one", no choice.. have to go here.. the place name is MidValley [A shopping centre with 430 shops on five floors located near Bangsar (i lived here earlier :)). Anchor tenants include Carrefour, Jusco, Metrojaya.], people say that one of our indian politician (andhra :)) have 40% share in this.. :) let him.. as we know, indians invest everywhere and they will involve in everything.. i cant sit n type everything here.. if really interested, pls go n visit this link for the details..
completed shopping?? now what?? hungry?? there r many to go n eat..KFC, MCD..many.. tired of eating at these places everyday?? ya, i know that u r thinking the same in ur mind.. wanna try at foodcourt near the movie mall??
try this only if you can sit in between hundreds of ppl crowded and then a nice flavour which u cant take it.. :), choice is urs if u wanna sit in the walkway.. where people will just walk very close to u.. ofcourse they will, why dont they do it when u sit in their walk way?? dont ask me.. then why the chairs are in the walk way?? may be midvalley's style..hahaha..i donno.. take care if somebody hit u while walking, the chicken piece u r eating may be on ur GF's head or the coffee that u r drinking may fall on her new T-Shirt which u bought her in ur last shopping.. :)same thing can happen to u if somebody hit her.. ( apart from this, odd mix of non veg, mixed smell of hundreds of perfumes.. donno what to say, u better feel it..)
dont worry, i got a place for u here, but please.. if u agree with me that u can adjust with vegetarian food for that time.. Indian style, Indian taste.. much to say.. a unique of its kind.. look at their caption "Eat what you want, Give as you Feel. we believe in you, we trust you". they will never charge you for what u ate, its up to u howmuch u want to pay.. i bet nobody will misue this after eating there.. need full details on where they r located world wide?? :) i know u all not like me, u all travel a lot.. ok, go here for full details. this is singapore annalakshmi website, u can get the other details here..
AnnaLakshmi Home
btw, this is one of the rare places where u can find a correct spelling for an indian name in malaysia.. any other place, i am sorry.. we will forget the actual spellings if we c theirs.. letchumi for lakshmi, mayantharan for mahendran, sathia or satiah of satya are few examples.. many to say .. :)..
ok, finished lunch?? (u'll get it only if u go in the right time.. ANNALAKSHMI is in the east side of midvalley ground floor.. land mark is next to police outpost in midvalley.. i think these details r enuf to find it, if not.. take ur time to search n explore on ur own.. ) now what?? wanna watch movie?? few theatres r inside u can watch d one u wish.. finished watching movie?? now what?? :) i hope u'll be with empty pockets by now.. go home n sleep then.. "NO MONEY..HOW ABT TOMORROW?? follow our regular policy.. TOMORROW WE THINK ABT TOMORROW.." a policy most of us follow rite?? :)

ladies and gentleman, dont forget to come and comment here abt ur experience in d above said places before u slp.. ok??.. thks for coming.. c u later..

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