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Friday, June 22, 2007

Boy, 15, filmed carrying out surgery

Is it the Guinness records we need?
Two doctors allowed their 15yr old son to carry out a Caesarean for d sake of a place for them in guinness book of world records.. cant deny the achievement of this young boy, but howcome the parents can do dis? This shows their hunger for fame n name than the ethics..
Is this legal? .. what to say ?? when illetrate old n middle aged ladies called MANTRASANIs' doing the deliveries, why cant dis boy??
but what if something goes wrong?? who will take the responsibility then? as long as the society allows, these things will happen..
who knows, tomorrow the father n mother argue the same point about MANTRASANI's eligibility to carry out deliveries.. :( but this fellow did Caesarean.. stripping the parents licenses may help to control happening of this kinda things again.. whats ur opinion?? pls do comment, i would like to know what everybody is thinking when they see this kind of issues..Boy, 15, filmed carrying out surgery

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